Silky not slick

If you are thinking of skipping your moisturizer because it is hot, humid, and sticky, think twice. It may be a good idea if you have oily skin. But if, like me, you have dry skin, don’t do it. In hot weather we tend to bathe and shower more often. Hot water can make dry skin even drier. We still need moisturizer, even in the warmest of weather. I skipped my cream routine once last week when I was running late. I felt itchy right away and even saw dry patches on my legs – a very sexy look, not! 

The trick is to switch to a lighter-formula moisturizer for the summer; one that you can slather on without turning into a butterball. bliss body butter lite is lively is half the weight of the regular bliss naked body butter, but it is still super-hydrating and soothing with shea butter, pro-Vitamin B, macadamia oil, and grapeseed oil. With the trademark lemon and sage scent, is it is as fresh as a daisy on a hot day. I love the bliss tip, to mix a bit foundation into the lotion to camouflage imperfections. Remember darlings, all body parts look better properly moisturized! $35 USD.