Celebrity stylists’s how-to tips

Keylee SandersAre you bored with your look? We asked celebrity stylist Keylee Sanders to share some of her personal fashion and beauty tips. 

Keylee is the real deal. She has appeared on The Style Network, E!, and TV Guide as a style expert. Keylee and her team also work with retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Banana Republic, among others.

Her styling tips are fun and accessible, so don’t miss a word our exclusive interview.
DD: What are your must-have items for this summer and why?
KS: A bright colored clutch can change up your whole look.  I have a bright turquoise leather pouch and it adds the perfect punch of color to almost any look. Also, perfect nude heels. I wear Stuart Weitzman peep toe platforms and they go with literally everything! Bright colored scarves. I wear them a million different ways and collect them. My favorites are Hermes, Pucci and vintage finds.

DD: What are few simple and inexpensive ways to take a look from boring to chic?
KS: Accessories!  I can’t get enough; handbags, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses — I love them all.  You can find great pieces at all price levels. I like to search my favorite vintage stores for unique fun pieces as well.

DD: What is your favourite look for a casual evening?
KS:  A maxi dress!  It is one of summer’s hottest trends and one of the most  glamorous pieces for day or night. A long silk maxi with a wrap or denim jacket is perfect with an arm full of bangles or layered long necklaces.

DD: What is always in your hand-bag and what bag are you carrying this summer?
KS: An iPhone and an iPad 2. I catch up on news, emails, fashion magazines, and  read books on it. Also: Vitamin C, red lipstick in MAC ladybug, business cards  tucked into my Chanel cardholder that can double as a wallet when I am out for the evening, blotting sheets, a small bag of almonds. (I get very grouchy when I am hungry, so it is best to carry a snack with me).
I also have fashion tape and mini deodorant. I have my Hermes notebook. I still love my paper and writing things down!
I carry a Jas M.B. doctors’ style bag I ran across in Barney’s one day and fell in love. It looks a bit worn and vintage, which is my favorite part!

DD: What are three of your beauty tips?
KS: Wash your face twice a day- especially before bed.  I am shocked by the number of women who do not remove their makeup every day. It is so bad for your skin. I believe what my mother told me: for every day you don’t wash your face you age seven days!

Don’t skimp on a good haircut.  Having your hair cut by a rock star stylist will change everything. I used to leave a salon and never be able to make my hair look the same again. Then I discovered it is all in the cut! Your haircuts will hold their shape longer and you will not need to get cuts as often. Gareth Bromell from Neil George Salon is the only person I will let near my hair with scissors!

Get lots of sleep and don’t skimp on skin care.  I am dedicated to Dr. Sebagh and Super by Dr. Pericone, an all-natural line that is very reasonably priced!

DD: Do you have a “signature look?” What is it?
 Everyday modern glamour. I wear a lot of dresses, almost always wear heels, and some would say over-accessorize. I would totally disagree! I pair items in unexpected ways such as: ripped jeans with a white tank top, red heels, and a giant rhinestone necklace or an evening gown paired with my red enamel skull necklace and a leather jacket. I always like an element of surprise!