The secret of French mystique

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If you are as sick as I am of reading about “French women who don’t get fat”, then grab a copy of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits by Anne Berest Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Sophie Mas.

Caroline De Maigret, Lancôme Muse

The book came out in 2014 but is getting more attention these days. Caroline De Maigret, one the authors, has become a” fashion darling” since her modeling comeback with Chanel in 2011. The leggy multi-talented, granddaughter of a prince is now a music and documentary producer. She is also a Lancôme Muse and has her own makeup collection that is available now.


How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are is modern and funny. The authors tell it like it is when it comes to French women and their habits. If you are looking for a French “Beauty for Dummies book” you will be very disappointed.How to be Parisian Wherever you are


Caroline De Maigret and her chic friends come clean about what real Parisian women think and how they behave. They also confess the contradictions that make Parisian woman so seductive.


Parisian women wear little makeup on their skin. They do, however, wear mascara, eye liner, and drop-dead red lipstick – even to the bakery. The secret is to look sexy, but not to appear as though you are trying. Skin care is a religion to a Parisian. The book has no great revelations, but it drives home how dedicated French women are to the basics of beauty and soul-pampering rituals.


The authors refute the myth that French women don’t indulge in Botox or plastic surgery, but subtly. According to the authors they do but with a caveat. “A measure of its success is that it is undetectable,” the book says. “You don’t talk about it, you don’t tell people. The main thing is to avoid any operation that distorts or that might turn a woman into a statue or a doll.”


The ladies point out that a Parisian doesn’t spend her life in a gym nor does she point out her flaws to her lover. Instead she learns to show off her best points. “If you don’t like your ass, walk sideways, your back to the wall, and show off your breasts. If your legs are too short or your thighs too wide, go on your tiptoes. If you don’t like your breasts… do something about them, but in the meantime, cross your arms, and when in bed, opt for positions lying on your back.


“In short, you’re not a slave to the cult of the perfect body – so learn to make the best of what nature gave you.”


And the perhaps the best reason of all Parisian women have cast such spell over the world for so many decades is captured in this gem of wisdom: “Always be fuckable: when standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning, buying champagne in the middle of the night, or even picking the kids up from school. You never know.”



What does posh mean these days?

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The one percent are ditching are first class air travel for private jets and so-called exclusive spas and resorts make guests line-up for classes. So what is does posh really mean these days? 

Let me tell you darlings, you know it when you see it — and feel it.  And as a long time beauty editor and self-admitted picky-lady I have been writing about it and searching it out for years. It may surprise you that best service isn’t always found at the newest, so-called swankest place with most “stars”. 

For me and the cognoscenti I write about, the word “amenity” is meaningless when it comes to yoga, fitness, beauty or other services.  What is important is knowledge, results, caring, and respect. You can tell when an expert has their hands on you. And by the way, all the best professionals in these fields touch – a lot. A fabulous yoga teacher gives the best adjustments and top stylists get their hands in your hair.  Therapists and facialists who want to hook you up to machines or let you languish under machines are either lazy or lacking “the touch”. Leave lasers and other techy treatments to your best beauty Doc. Check out who the stars really go to. You will see most of them seek out experts with magic hands who give clients personal attention. 

POSH the expression  we use for the best comes from the cruise line lingo means  Port over and Starboard back and and you know it when you feel it.

Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life. 

Posh is being picked up at by a driver at the airport in a real London Taxi from the very beautiful Settha Palace in Vientiane 

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Follow the fads or don’t


Click on top title to open and scroll  I just finished reading an essay in Town and Country.  It was about the pressure an editor felt to cut her hair and fall in line with a current trend. By now, I am sure she feels vindicated in resisting. The fall collections had plenty of flowing locks and looped chignons. The editor described being at a presentation with a famous hair stylist who kept going on about being “so sick of long hair”.  A few seasons ago the “big news” was that straight hair “was so over” and before that an equally famous stylist was “sick of curls”. 

I am not making fun of anyone; artists need change. Without change there is no innovation. But adopting change simply for the sake of keeping up with trends is self-defeating, which brings us to Lauren Bacall.

 Remembering Lauren Bacall 

As I finish this issue, I have just heard the news that the great actress Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89. She was without doubt one of the world’s most stylish women.

 Lauren Bacall

Bacall was first discovered by the legendary Diana Vreeland while she was an editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Bacall was then 16-year-old model. It was that discovery that led to Bacall going to Hollywood for a screen test.


If you look at the cover that Diana Vreeland had shot with Lauren Bacall you will see the tailored clothes and trademark side-parted waves that Bacall is known for today.


Lauren BacalI was lauded as one of the world’s most stylish women for decades. Yet, her look barely varied over the years.  As I viewed photos of her through the years, I noticed at times her hair was a bit shorter or darker and her makeup subtly follows the trends of the time, but once Bacall found her style, she stuck to it. And she never looked dated.


So darlings, update your look. It is essential to keep current. Small tweaks to your makeup and clothing silhouettes are enough to keep your look fresh. Flip through the photo essays on Lauren Bacall to see how an expert did it. And if a new fad doesn’t suit you, pass on it. That’s what Betty Bacall did.


Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies.


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Good pearls make everything look fabulous

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Throughout my career as editor and writer for top fashion magazines and newspapers, I have always Mod Pearls for Springbelieved that all women deserve real luxury. And that they should be able to afford it. 
And once you buy your pearls they will last your lifetime, if you take care of them. As Yves St. Laurent said, “fashions fade, but style is eternal.”
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Too dressed up

RGracey Hitchcockecently, I was applying my makeup next to a very pretty young woman after working out at my club.  She and I and began chatting after yoga class. We soon discovered we shared a mutual interest in fashion. As I complimented her on how fabulous she always looks, especially for a student, she told she loves to get dressed up, but her friends complain. They say she is “too dressed up”,I laughed and told her not to listen. I confided that I had often been told the same thing. I also told her that some those “complainers” admitted years later that they had been envious of my style and my clothes.  She was amused and relieved to hear it.


I went on to tell her that people with style are always noticed and not always kindly, but it is worse if no one notices. Anna Wintour, the new Creative Director of Conde Nast, dresses conservatively, but with great style. She has been photographed by a style arbiter, New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham, since she was 17.  And that was long before she was “the Anna Wintour.” She is always “dressed up.”


“Too dressed up” is an accusation meant to demean and intimidate. It paints a picture of a frivolous female unable to fend for her inappropriate attire.  But darlings, unless you are attempting to waterski in a ball gown, or ski in stilettos, just ignore it.

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Is it too much?

Carole Radziwell“What I wear on New Year’s Eve is what I’ll wear to work,” Ranjana Khan, the former model and jewelry designer, recently told W Magazine. Ranjana was born in Mumbai, India. She is married to high-end designer Naeem Khan. You may have glimpsed the elegant Khan on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York, demonstrating face yoga with her friend, new cast member, Carole Radziwell.
“Sometimes I’m so overdressed for work, in a full-on beaded skirt and things in my hair. But my people are used to it,” Khan went on to say. “Coco Chanel said when you’re going out, take one thing off. I add one thing on.” 
I sighed with pleasure when I read that.
All too often, I hear young, pretty women asking, "Is this too much?" as they dab on tiny amounts of lip gloss or contemplate wearing a pretty summer dress. But, when I consider pop culture, I can understand why they are confused.
If you haven’t been raised around a fashion maven, it can be hard to distinguish what is pretty, fashionable, and glamorous from what is tacky, trashy, and over the top. When iconic Vogue editor Diana Vreeland said, “too much good taste can be boring,” movie stars went without their underpants and posed in miniskirts for the paparazzi. And we did not have popular TV shows about fist-swing Bad Girls and Teen Moms. No one had dreamed up The Kardashians.
Today there are lots of mixed signals. The same women who worry about not looking “natural” if they colour their hair instead highlight it until it is fried. They shop in the junior department because they are afraid of looking old. They don’t see that that slightly too-small, too-short, and too-young dresses intended for teen-agers are aging. Yet, they are afraid to embrace glamour.
Glamour can be scary because it declares that you that care, that you try, and that you have confidence.
Glamour isn’t always about sequins, jewels, or exotic perfume. Some of most stylish and confident women I see every day are in my exercise class. These women look fabulous with clean shiny hair and healthy bodies. After class the women transform themselves with blow-dryers, flat irons, makeup, fragrance, and distinctive jewelry. The change is subtle, and individual styles are distinctive. It's a marvelous celebration of femininity.
Like Ranjana Khan, the ladies I’m talking about have their own style. They have learned to use fashion to enhance, not conceal, their assets.
Very few women are perfect. The trick is to show yourself to your best advantage.
Ranjana Khan is a tall woman with a body toned by yoga. She has the height for the elaborate clothes she fancies. She also keeps her hair and makeup clean and simple to show off her classic features.
Her tiny friend, Carole Radziwell is also stylish but in a very different way. Princess Carole Radziwell is the widow of Anthony Radziwell, the son of Lee and Prince Stanislaw Radziwell. Carole Radziwell plays up her waiflike tininess with funky vintage fashion. The look is reminiscent of the uber-slim Olsen twins. Or, she wears elegant tailored sheaths to show off her svelte figure.
Both women have a distinctive style. Ranjana Khan’s look is sophisticated, international, and eclectic. Carole Radziwell has a very downtown New York look with a vintage flare. In one episode of the RHNY, she wore a vintage dress by Ozzie Clark, an iconic 1960s British designer coveted by fashion cognoscenti.
The thing they share is that they dare to be themselves. Bravo host Andy Cohen recently, complimented Carole Radziwell for wearing the same dress twice on his show. She said she thought it looked really pretty and so “why not” That attitude is modern, smart, and inspirational.
Emulate ladies of style and dare to declare you care.
Whatever your size, work out regularly; your body will be toned and skin will glow.
Take care of your skin. Fashionable women are soignee and have impeccable grooming. So mask and moisturize your face. Try face yoga or my favourite, cosmetic acupuncture. Treat yourself to a good facial once in a while. Deep condition your hair regularly. It makes a difference. Colour your hair if you need to, and don’t over highlight; it looks cheap.
Don’t be afraid to wear some makeup. Find a look that works for you. Laura Mercier has excellent artists, if you want a natural look. Try Chanel or Dior for glamour. Or, look for an independent artist for a mix of brands. Many top artists do not like to teach, so you may have to observe and get a list. MAC is excellent for lessons and trends. Wear mascara, BB cream, blush, and lip gloss, if you want to look natural but not blah! Get your eyebrows shaped professionally; it can change your face. Look for someone who plucks or threads, and avoid wax; it is aging and imprecise.
Shop with a personal shopper at a good department store, if you need help developing a look. They will respect your budget and they can really help you hone a look.
Darlings, stop asking ‘is it too much?’ and go for it. Embrace glamour. Don’t be afraid to shine.

Transformed by Natalie Kindt-Gurley, colorist extraordinaire

Natalie Kindt Recently, I  was "transformed" by colorist extraordinaire Natalie Kindt-Gurley, the Director of Color Education and Senior Chemical Specialist forVan Michael in Atlanta. I had been looking forward to the experience ever since visiting the Van Michael salon in the Atlanta district of Buckhead, for the launch of Aveda’s new products and services.
As a beauty editor, I am always on lookout for anything new that will make hair look better, softer, and sexier. I was intrigued and impressed by Natalie’s presentation of Aveda’s hair color. She explained how Aveda uses natural ingredients to achieve fabulous color while still pampering hair with such ingredients as antioxidant-rich red tea extract and candelilla wax that keep hair shiny for weeks. I was also struck by the uniformly healthy, glossy heads of the Aveda and Van Michael’s staff members. Their hair shimmered.
The time I spent with Natalie at Van Michael in Buckhead Salon was a pleasure. She is an artist who also has great listening skills –she knew just the colour I longed for.
After her assistant gave me a very welcome de-stressing massage, Natalie artfully applied golds and caramels that warmed and flattered my complexion. The next day in in the sunlight my husband said, "your hair is back." What could be better than that?
I was thrilled when I washed my hair two days later, it did not take ton of product to control frizz. There was no frizz. My hair was back to normal. It was soft and glossy.
Natalie is committed healthful products and services for her clients as well as the stylists she educates. She believes in Aveda. After years as beauty journalist, I do not just drink the Kool-Aid – I need to see the proof that a product is "better or more natural".  With Aveda, I felt very little if any of the usual stinging. Almost two weeks later, the color is vibrant and my hair still looks salon fresh.
I believe Natalie when she says, "Aveda is truly committed to the environment and this means a lot to me as a consumer and a colorist behind the chair. Something many people don't know is that Aveda color is manufactured on a wildlife preserve in Minnesota that operates with 100 percent wind power. They strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible and partner with communities to promote fair trade and to better the lives of the people in the communities in which they source ingredients," she said. "I actually became interested in Aveda before I became interested in hair, and that has led me here to the job I've had at Van Michael for the last 15 years. I am very proud to be affiliated with a company like Aveda because I believe every little bit we can do helps."
I also took the opportunity to ask Natalie about some of the most common hair colour issues. Here are here are her answers:
DD: Do all hair colorings, especially those that lighten hair, cause damage?
NK: Not all hair color is damaging.  In fact, some color is conditioning and can coat previously damaged hair to make it feel better than before it was colored.  In general, the lighter you take the hair, the more damage a client might perceive.  However, a great hair colorist will lighten hair properly with very little damage, and many women actually like the body that a color process can add to the hair.  I often have clients say their color still looks good, but they're having it touched up to give it some extra volume.  The new Aveda color has organic sunflower, coconut, and jojoba oils to condition the hair and add shine during processing.  
DD: What are a few of the most popular colour trends for spring?
NK: The new Aveda color has empowered the colorist with incredible depth and gorgeous jewel tones.  Women are asking for deeper, richer color, and soft dimension with very little contrast between the highlights, lowlights and the all-over color. Also, we are doing a lot of block color techniques again, but with low contrast between defined sections in the hair. And red is back, big time!  The new Aveda reds run the full spectrum from violet to copper, and they are incredible!
DD: Often colour fades and this can be maddening, especially for women who are trying to cover grey. Is there any way to keep hair color from fading?
NK: The most important thing a woman can do to keep her color from fading is to use professional quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products at home.  I recommend the Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect before styling every day to seal in the color and protect against UV fading. Also, the new Aveda color delivers better grey coverage, and its new enhanced tone keeps hair from fading to a reddish hue.  The red tea extract in the color contains antioxidants that help keep the color bright and fresh!
DD: Often hair looks flat or dull a week or two after it’s colored. Is there any way to keep it shiny? 
NK: The best way to keep hair color fresh and shiny is to use a weekly treatment masque like Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment after shampooing.  It only takes five minutes extra once a week, but it can really enhance the shine in your hair. Aveda color also has a new component called candelilla wax that delivers ultra-glossy shine to the hair that lasts.  My clients have definitely commented on the difference they see with the longevity they get out of the shine from the new color.

Celebrity stylists’s how-to tips

Keylee SandersAre you bored with your look? We asked celebrity stylist Keylee Sanders to share some of her personal fashion and beauty tips. 

Keylee is the real deal. She has appeared on The Style Network, E!, and TV Guide as a style expert. Keylee and her team also work with retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Banana Republic, among others.

Her styling tips are fun and accessible, so don’t miss a word our exclusive interview.
DD: What are your must-have items for this summer and why?
KS: A bright colored clutch can change up your whole look.  I have a bright turquoise leather pouch and it adds the perfect punch of color to almost any look. Also, perfect nude heels. I wear Stuart Weitzman peep toe platforms and they go with literally everything! Bright colored scarves. I wear them a million different ways and collect them. My favorites are Hermes, Pucci and vintage finds.

DD: What are few simple and inexpensive ways to take a look from boring to chic?
KS: Accessories!  I can’t get enough; handbags, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses — I love them all.  You can find great pieces at all price levels. I like to search my favorite vintage stores for unique fun pieces as well.

DD: What is your favourite look for a casual evening?
KS:  A maxi dress!  It is one of summer’s hottest trends and one of the most  glamorous pieces for day or night. A long silk maxi with a wrap or denim jacket is perfect with an arm full of bangles or layered long necklaces.

DD: What is always in your hand-bag and what bag are you carrying this summer?
KS: An iPhone and an iPad 2. I catch up on news, emails, fashion magazines, and  read books on it. Also: Vitamin C, red lipstick in MAC ladybug, business cards  tucked into my Chanel cardholder that can double as a wallet when I am out for the evening, blotting sheets, a small bag of almonds. (I get very grouchy when I am hungry, so it is best to carry a snack with me).
I also have fashion tape and mini deodorant. I have my Hermes notebook. I still love my paper and writing things down!
I carry a Jas M.B. doctors’ style bag I ran across in Barney’s one day and fell in love. It looks a bit worn and vintage, which is my favorite part!

DD: What are three of your beauty tips?
KS: Wash your face twice a day- especially before bed.  I am shocked by the number of women who do not remove their makeup every day. It is so bad for your skin. I believe what my mother told me: for every day you don’t wash your face you age seven days!

Don’t skimp on a good haircut.  Having your hair cut by a rock star stylist will change everything. I used to leave a salon and never be able to make my hair look the same again. Then I discovered it is all in the cut! Your haircuts will hold their shape longer and you will not need to get cuts as often. Gareth Bromell from Neil George Salon is the only person I will let near my hair with scissors!

Get lots of sleep and don’t skimp on skin care.  I am dedicated to Dr. Sebagh and Super by Dr. Pericone, an all-natural line that is very reasonably priced!

DD: Do you have a “signature look?” What is it?
 Everyday modern glamour. I wear a lot of dresses, almost always wear heels, and some would say over-accessorize. I would totally disagree! I pair items in unexpected ways such as: ripped jeans with a white tank top, red heels, and a giant rhinestone necklace or an evening gown paired with my red enamel skull necklace and a leather jacket. I always like an element of surprise!