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Gracey HitchcockDarlings, a few years back, men of style stopped renting tuxedos. Rentals never fit right and a good tux is timeless. Many men caught on, and bought themselves a quality evening rig. It can be an outlay, but they wear it for years updating with new shirts, ties, and other accessories. And they always look fabulous.
Now some women are renting everything, even their jewelry and accessories. I think it is a shame. Instead of building a great wardrobe of good evening bags and classic jewelry they are spending money for a single night with nothing to show for it.
There is a great scene in the second Sex and the City movie when Carrie gives her trusted assistant, Louise, her first designer bag, so she can stop renting. Carrie, the consummate fashionista knows the value of owning your own. She hands it to her saying, “no more rentals for you!”
A few good signature pieces can help define your style. Every well-dressed woman knows this. Think of Jacqueline Kennedy and you think of pearls. Grace Kelly had her Kelly bag and Hermes scarves. And do you ever see a Beverly Hills “Housewife” without a great pair of heels? I can promise you they aren’t rented or from the shoe-of-the-month club. And no one ever calls these women dull, if they wear their lovely jewels or designer bags more than once either.
Darlings, you don’t need to be a millionaire to look fabulous or have great style. But you do need to invest in yourself.
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