Style can help stop sex trade

"Mekong Blue" scarf in scarletBeautiful Mekong Blue silk scarves in red, blue, blush – or any colour you fancy — will look chic with jeans and sweater. Or wear one as a non-frumpy wrap over a cocktail dress. When you buy one you will also be helping to stop the flourishing sex trade in Southeast Asia by providing poor women in rural Cambodia with a viable employment alternative. 

Mekong Blue silk scarves are hand-woven and hand-dyed from silk that is hand-harvested by women who might otherwise fall victim to the sex trade in Cambodia.
The scarves are made by The Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre. A non-profit organization, it provides education and vocational training for the women producing scarves and their children. Since 2002 it has supported 400 women, 395 children, and 50 men. Now isn’t that a beautiful idea to wrap around yourself! And now, they also ties for the man in your life too!
Long scarves (17.5 x 74 inches) in a variety of colours are $50. Ties are $40