Ravages of time

Redken  Time Reset makes stressed hair of all ages shiny and fabulous!Recently, I met stylist Danny DuBose at the Bob Steele Salon in Atlanta. Danny is a ‘Redken Artist’. The visit was a delight, as Danny is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge about hair. We met to discuss the new Redken Time Reset product line and salon treatment – and so I could try the treatment. It is a new treatment that helps to repair the “ravages of time” on your hair. Styling, the environment, age, and stress can all age your hair. It can happen at any time in your life – even some 30-year-olds can show the symptoms of “aging hair”.

You can have a relaxing hair reviving Time Reset Salon Treatment at any Redken salon, or you can purchase the four-product Time Reset product regime for home use. Danny gave me the pampering treatment. He massaged a, deep conditioning mask with a dose of peptides and ceramides for targeted repair into my hair. It detangles for comb-ability, rebalances lost moisture, and helps restore the hair’s youthful shine. Danny explained that it would fill the porosity of my hair and make my hair shiner and fuller-looking. He then sealed it in with another product. When he blew my hair dry, the change was evident! My shoulder-length fine blond bob was super shiny and even fuller than before. I loved the glass-like shine and softness. Danny said it would last about a month. It has!
As Danny worked, we chatted. He told me that many factors can affect your hair. We lose hair primarily due to heredity, hormonal changes, or stress. If hair loss is severe, see your doctor. Otherwise, good nutrition, hormonal balance, and exercise can help too. Danny explained that Redken Time Reset is designed to address porous age-weakened hair.
Time Reset Shampoo and Conditioner are full ingredients to revive age-weakened hair. Use them with the rest of the line for gloriously renewed hair.
Time Reset Youth Revitalizer is a rinse-out mask with deep conditioning full of peptides and ceramide for targeted repair.
Time Reset Corective Defense is a daily lotion that smoothes hair and helps restore its natural defenses. It improves manageability and resistance against breakage.