Tips for storing seasonal clothes

Use aromatics instead of  toxins to repel pestsAs the weather turns cooler you may be packing way your summer clothes. Here are few tips to keep them pristine:
Store only freshly washed or dry cleaned clothes. The slightest bit of soil or fragrance attracts pests and can cause fine cottons to yellow.
Line plastic bins with old cotton sheets before packing with them freshly laundered clothes. The sheets protect the clothes from the plastic.
If you store delicate knits, silks, or beaded items, keep them flat and folded. Hanging can cause them to stretch and they can snag in a crowded closet.
Protect delicate items in closed cloth or plastic bags. Large Ziplocs are fine for seasonal storage of delicate items to prevent snagging.
Repeal pests with cedar blocks, sandalwood soap, cloves, and lavender. (I use a combination of all of these.) Avoid smelly and dangerous poisons.
Save the little silicone sachets that come packed with shoes, bags, and electronics. Put them in the bottom of your storage bins and bags to keep clothes safe from moisture.
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