Stop summer blisters

I hate summer blisters. Summer blisters happen when you slip tender, bare feet into shoes and sandals after a winter in stockings. The unfamiliar rubbing of leather can cause blisters, no matter how carefully you choose your shoes.
Body Glide and Foot Glide can help. These balm sticks are made with plant extracts. Comfrey Root, Aloe Vera and Aloe Barbadensis Extract are the main ingredients.
The balm forms a dry, soft barrier between your feet and the leather. They are also perspiration-resistant, making these glides the perfect way to help protect feet in hot weather.
Foot Glide is made especially for feet, but Body Glide can be used anywhere you experience chaffing. Runners, and other sports people, will love these products. There is a full line of Body Glide products, including one for diabetics, which could literally be a life saver.