Beauty-lovers stocking stuffers

Darlings let’s face it, many “Secret Santa, “Grab” gifts, and stocking stuffers are useless! Why not give a gift that will be used and loved? We love good brushes and never have enough. A quick, unscientific survey confirmed most women are tired of gimmicky gifts that end up in trash.
These brushes from John Frieda make great gifts. They look sleek and come in many styles from the Paddle Brush Sleek Finish with shine-enhancing silicone bristles, natural ION to the Porcupine Round Brush Volume Curls with nylon and boar bristles designed to distribute the scalp’s natural oils for added shine and smoothness. Prices are affordable, ranging from $12.99 to $14.99.
Combine one of these brushes and a bottle of John Frieda Shine Serum and you have the makings of well-stuffed stocking!   
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Stocking stuffers

Rich creamy lip balmAvène skin care is one of my favourite lines especially in the harsh winter weather, as it is so soothing.Avène is so effective and gentle, many dermatologists and skin recommend it.

If you are looking for gifts for your favourite beauty junkies, you may want to try these two goodies from Avène.
Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm is a luxe rich formula to comfort and hydrate chapped, cracked lips. It contains nourishing ingredients, such as castor seed oil and shea butter.
Avene’s Thermal Spring Water is a pure, hydrating mist. Its trace minerals and silica are perfect for soothing dry, sensitive or stressed skin. Buy a travel size, or regular size for a great stocking stuffer!
If you suffer from rosacea…
An exclusive offer for complimentary Avène Anti-Redness Solution Kits is now live on the skin-care section of, the official website of the National Rosacea Society. Each complimentary kit, available while supplies last, includes soothing products formulated to improve the appearance of Rosacea and reactive redness.

Stuff a stocking –lushly

Little  "Lush " treats!The holidays can be a time of stress, but they should be time to pamper, rest, restore and renew. So think about stocking stuffers and little gifts that promote renewal!
Bath bombs and bars from Lush fill that bill for les than $5. Try So White for a frothy, apple-scented bath.  Jingle Spells is an herbal scented hangover helper. And if you love a tub of bubbles, there is the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar to fill your tub with floral suds. We all love the Lush Emotibomb Double Fast Luck for its mood elevating scents of orange and patchouli — so soothing. 
Treat yourself too!