The lash-master

Stephen MoleskiHollywood makeup artist Stephen Moleski is the lash-master — the man celebrities flock to when they need to look stunning on the red carpet. 

Moleski created his own line of affordable but luxe lashes that are hit with Carrie Underwood, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Marcia Cross. Carrie Underwood even had him design custom-made lashes for her wedding.
His Smoke and Mirrors Beauty lashes feature a lightweight, flexible band that is also invisible. They come in seven different styles, all uniquely-designed after the cities Stephen has worked in. We had Stephen share his glam secrets in this exclusive interview.
DD:  What makes Smoke and Mirrors lashes different?
SM: We have custom 100 percent human hair eyelashes that are crafted on a silicone band. They all have an individual eyelash effect, as opposed to the usual heavy black band.

DD: Is there a trick to applying lashes yourself? What is the best way to put them on?
A trick is to do one light layer of mascara on your real lashes so they stiffen up just a tad. Then place the lash (with glue on) onto your lash line. It is easier to place with that one light coat of mascara. Let it dry. Once completely dry, apply mascara as you normally would to blend your lashes and the S&MB lash together.  
Stephen glams up Kim KardashianDD:  When should you apply lashes: before or after your liner and shadow?
I recommend for the beginner to put them on before anything. That way you know what you are doing and you don’t risk messing up your eye makeup.

DD:  how do you choose the best lashes to suit your eyes – or for an occasion?
All of the SMB lashes will work depending on your needs. You need to take into consideration of length your eye shape and the length you are comfortable with. Kim Kardashian loves the Vegas lash for its length and feathering effect, whereas Carrie Underwood goes for a softer, fuller lash like the Nashville.
DD: How many times can you wear a pair of lashes?
You can wear my lashes about two to four times depending on how you apply them and what amount of glue and mascara you use.
Atlanta housewife Kim Zolciak loves my Atlanta lash and wears them every day, reusing each pair several times.
DD:  How do you do a smoky eye?
As king of the smoky eye — a lot of practice and blending!  It also is about understanding the shape of your own eye because each eye is different.  Keep it simple with color choice, and don’t use more then two or three colors when developing your look. Always start with an eye shadow primer for a base. Primers are so underrated, but are the key to flawless beauty. You need a good base to achieve the perfect smoky eye, just as you would put a primer on your nails before the color, or a moisturizer on your face before the concealer. Use the dark eye shadow color and apply generously to your eyelid, close to your lash line and blend upwards. I often feather out and go more dramatic towards the ends of the eyes for a more dramatic look, which is great for night time. Use your second color from the inner corners of your eyes to about the middle, and blend them together so that the hues are fluid. Adding a brow highlight color also draws attention to the eye… a must!
DD: How do you get that luminous lovely look?
With great skin care for starters. All of my clients use After skin care, it is using bronzers and highlighters to enhance the skin. They enhance your natural skin’s glow. A mistake people make is when they go to get their face foundation color matched at a retail make-up store, they ask for the color that matched the skin on their face, which is almost always at least two shades lighter than their neck, shoulders, and rest of their bodies. You should match the color to your neck color so there is an even overall finish. Bronzers are great for the cheeks, but be careful not to overdo it!
DD: Which Lash is for which occasion?
On my website we have an easy-to-use breakdown of the different personalities of each lash. Many of my clients are also CEOs and execs of major companies, in addition to being TV and film stars, so they need a lash that can be worn during the day for meetings. The
New York lash is great for that, as they are a little shorter, but still make a world of difference when they’re on. When you want to go out on the town and you’ve got your best dress on, the Hollywood lash is dramatic without being over-the-top. The Chicago lash is great for those who are used to more of a traditional-looking lash. And of course, the limited edition Heart lash is great for those big special events, such as red carpets and weddings.

DD: What is the best way to wear lashes without looking like I’m wearing fake lashes, especially in the day time?
Slap on a pair of any from the line with no makeup and clear glue and see that they are even perfect for daytime. Many of my clients are Hollywood business executives who wear my lashes to their board meetings and events during the day and at night. These lashes were designed with the everyday woman in mind. When you apply the lashes, just be careful and apply them as close to the lash line as possible, not above, so the invisible line disappears even more. If you glue them too high, that’s when they’re detectable.

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A portion of every lash sale goes to help Heather’s Hope, a charity that helps children affected by many illnesses including HIV and various forms of cancer. Stephen is also working with Mel B on her new reality show Mel B: It’s a Scary World.