Staying fit – a dirty little secret

Heidi KlumRecently, one of my twenty-something friends was dealing with body issues. She is bright, intelligent, young, and beautiful, but she had hit a rough patch. We all do. I know; for the past few years, I have been wrestling with same few pounds that just won’t budge. It drives me nuts as I am in the gym breaking a sweat five days a week and watch what I eat. 


I have met very few good-looking women who don’t work to stay in shape. It may be a dirty little secret that staying fit is a battle for most of us, and that most of us have days we feel like we may be losing.

The world has watched the weight struggles of celebrities like Tyra Banks and Jessica Simpson. Even the gorgeous model Heidi Klum, known as “the body,” has struggled with weight.
"I was never a skinny, skinny type,” Klum told People magazine, “the more I tried, the worse it was. They'd say 'You have to lose weight', and I'd be like, 'All I can think about is muffins!’
“I don’t want to get too skinny,” she said. “I still want to have a round, womanly figure." 
The secret my darlings, is not to let it get you down and not to give up. That is easier said than done in a hyper-competitive world, but it can be done.
Get a grip
Almost everyone struggles and it is not easy. Some days you will feel worse than others: fatter, slower, clumsier, or sadder. It is painful and we have all been there. Power through it or slog through it. Studies say if you smile, you’ll feel happier. I do. Darlings, it gets better.
Get help
Experts can help you make the changes you want, but all trainers, teachers, classes, and gyms are not equal. If you don’t like your gym or the people who go there, you won’t go. We have all been there. Take advantage of two-week trials to try on a program and dump out of anything that doesn’t work for you. If you enjoy your classes or trading session you will show up.
Good trainers or teachers should correct and encourage you. You should see changes in your body and you should get stronger. They should also challenge you. Your routine should always be a little different, so you use new muscles and develop your body evenly.
Get nutritional support
A good diet plan, supplements, or even or even prepared meals can help get you over the weight loss hump.
Accountability and support can the key to success if you have to lose more than 10 pounds. I know women who have had dropped pounds on Jenny Craig and others who love Weightwatchers. I prefer private programs like those at Christine’s Fitness in Toronto or a private medical clinic that uses natural supplements. It is important to get a good a fit.
Never stick with a program just because a friend likes it or someone tries to pressure you. Get into something that works for you!
Get rid of saboteurs
The world is full of people who want to stop you from accomplishing your goals. I could write volumes on the reasons, but who cares why. Just get away from these spirit killers. If anyone makes negative comments about your new fitness regime, or tries to sidetrack you and tempt you off your diet, drop them. If so-called friends make cruel comments about your weight or willpower, why keep them in your life?
My young friend had a false-friend tell her she should just accept her "true weight” and stop struggling. This false-friend is a miserable girl with a bad job who smokes and drinks. Misery loves company. I told my friend, drop her and spend time with your healthier, happier friend. My young friend is miserable carrying the extra weight she gained. She’s better off spending her spare time with friends who support her goal of a healthier lifestyle, rather than with a slacker who has bad habits.
It isn’t all about the skinny
Many fabulous-looking fit women aren’t skinny. Don’t get hung up on size. But darlings, don’t cruise down the river of denial either. We all know when we are too fat and we all need to exercise. Enough said; you have to sweat and eat right.
Tune out negativity and focus on your goals
The world is full of thoughtlessness and competiveness. It can be hard to take when you don’t feel good about yourself. I remember when a friend said, “Oh you lost a lot of weight! You are so small that all that weight makes a huge difference on you.” It was not her most sensitive moment, nor was it actually true”. I had lost a few pounds and toned up. I looked good, and I looked fine before. She is otherwise a great friend, so I let it go. But that is not something I would have said to anyone else. I would never have mentioned her weight that way or anyone else’s – it's not nice, helpful, or polite. Realize that people, especially other women, project their own insecurities about looks on other women. Blow it off. Even a good friend on bad can make a dumb remark – assume she is having a bad day and focus on your goals. 
It takes an effort to keep fit and fabulous, but nothing makes you feel or look better than regular exercise. Nothing gives you a bigger boost than looking taut and toned in a new outfit. So if you get discouraged, remember everyone has a few bad days. That is the dirty little secret of fitness.