Gift for a gourmet mother

Good looking and and well-priced ceramic knives for momIf your mother loves to cook, you may want to give her a Starfrit Santoku Ceramic Knife for Mother’s Day. I have love mine. The Starfrit models are mid-priced, about $30 for the 5.5-inch ceramic knife. They are also very well-designed. I love the protective covers that keep the knives from breaking or chipping. They let you store the knives safely.

Ceramic knifes are razor sharp; according to the manufacturer, ceramic is 20 times sharper than steel. I found the ceramic slices through tomatoes and cumbers like butter. Ceramic is perfect for foods that react to metal such as lettuce. And you can eventually have the knife sharpened too, just like a metal blade.
This is a thoughtful gift any cook will love.