Bésame – kiss me!


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Kiss me, kiss me a lot

As if tonight were

The last time –

So goes the first stanza if the classic Spanish love song Bésame mucho.

Gabriela Hernandez, the founder of the Vintage inspired line of cosmetics must have it in mind when she created her old- Hollywood- “Bombshell” style lipsticks.

Besame’s classic colour lipstick gives women the glamour they. The elegant gold and red tubes are filled with natural pigment and enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe for a smooth, feather-proof finish. I tried a sample of Marilyn Monroe’s shade Hot Hot Red. It is the creamiest, deeply pigment   I have every worn. I was able to blot it out to the level I prefer and it stays on.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to wear a new red lipstick. Even academic studies have proven its seductive power, just ask the researchers at University of Manchester in England. They did a definitive study in 2013. Their results show red lipstick is a man magnet.

It brings their eyes right to you – perfect for a romantic tête-à-tête..

Bésame classic red shades include: 1920 Bésame Red, 1930 Tango Red

1931 Carmine, 1935 Cherry Red, 1946 Red Velvet, and 1959 Red Hot Lip.


The cost is $22 a tube.