Spring cleaning

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I can only think of one friend who actually does a proper spring cleaning. She washes all her windows and thoroughly “turns out” her house. She is a paragon. I consider myself a good housekeeper but reading Cheryl Mendelson’s directions for the annual household rite in Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping gave me a headache. I estimated if I followed her plan I would finish sometime in August. And I live in a Condo. Those with bigger homes would endlessly toil. 

I do like the spring cleaning, just not the marathon version; opening the windows and shaking out the dust the after a long winter wakes things up. Clearing clutter and tossing things out seasonally not only keeps your home neat and clean it also helps to bring things into focus. 

So while you may not have time to turn into a Merry Maid try doing a little spring cleaning you may be surprised at what you turn up.

Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life. 

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