Spicy fresh homemade hummus

Spicy homemade hummusHummus may seem old hat, but make it yourself in minutes. You will be surprised how fresh and tasty it is. Store-bought hummus, even organic, can be full of extra fat, salt, and calories. 

Hummus is a perfect quick appetizer. My guests always love it, even the ones who do not love hummus. Use any leftovers in sandwiches or for a healthful snack. It’s only 50 calories for a generous 2 tbsp. serving, so enjoy!
This lighter recipe that includes a bit of chicken stock to reduce the amount of oil needed.
Add to a food processor, blender, or container for a stick blender:
1 can well-rinsed garbanzo beans or chick peas –preferably organic
1 tbsp. Kadoya Hot Sesame Oil (with chili or cayenne, or use regular plus ½ tsp. cayenne pepper or to taste)
1½ tbsp. plain sesame oil
2 tbsp. plain chicken stock
1½ tsp. salt
1-2 cloves of crushed garlic to taste (must be crushed or minced)
Juice of two lemons (squeeze over a sieve to avoid seeds in hummus)
1 handful of washed flat parsley leaves, about 2 tbsp.
You may have to stop and stir or shake the container. Chick beans are thick. Taste as you go. You may wish to adjust the lemon or the salt, but do not over-salt.
Serve with raw vegetables such as sliced cucumbers. I like to add Lebanese pickled turnips from the middle eastern shop. They are addictive. Serve lightly-toasted warm mini pitas cut in half with small individual knives and plates. No one nice dips these days.