Spice up Halloween


Goddess waves

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To really make your sexy Halloween costume pop, get your hair right. There is no better way to channel a character’s look than to wear their hair. Hair for Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklacesmost people or characters is one of the first things we notice and identify.

 Goddess Waves is perfect to recreate Beyoncé ;s look just comapare 

Beyoncé is known for her flowing, blonde waves. You can always spot Ariana Grande’s long dramatic ponytail. LUXHAIR NOW has these and many others looks available for less than $100. Slip into a wiggle dress and sexy blond bob to become Marilyn. And, if a sexy super-villain like Poison Ivy is more your style, a long red wig will make your cute costume look genuinely lethal. ( Beyoncé by Tony Duran, Parkwood – 2nd photo left)


LUXHAIR NOW wigs are made of Keralon synthetic fiber so they can be heat-styled. I tried on two different sample wigs over my thick, shoulder-length hair, and they surprised me. I have struggled with many other wigs, but these wigs were easy to put on, take off, and style. I didn’t feel they were damaging my own hair, unlike tighter wigs and dark sprays on dyes.

 wraparoundpony_side2-020Wrap around ponytail is perfect to recreate Arianna Grande’s look anytime

The right wig is a fun way to spice up Halloween —