Spice up a sandwich

Tasty, easy to make, and healthful too!Bringing your own lunch is one of the easiest and smartest ways to trim calories as you pad your bank account. Don't get me wrong, darlings, I am all for a fun lunch out, but why fork over cash for fattening fast food you wolf down at your desk. Do the math and make your lunch.
You’ll be amazed at how many calories you can trim even making a tasty sub –not to mention all the cash you will stash.
Check out our tasty sub made with:
1 ounce of Chipotle Gouda Cheese, sliced thin (100 calories)
1 ounce of Jerked Turkey sliced (30 calories)
1 Small sub roll 120 calories
1 tsp. mayo 33 calories
½ sliced avocado 60 (full of anti-oxidants and healthy fat)
Arugula leaves 10 calories
Total calories 340
Cost: Less than $4