Spa at home

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I love the concept behind the Rituals, a line that includes body, bath, home, and even jewelry. Company founder Richard Cloosterman created the line from his own passion for, and belief in, the transformative power of daily ritual. “I passionately believe that we can transform our daily routines into more meaningful moments if we pay just a little bit more attention to the details,” he says.

I recently sampled Ritual bath products:

Sakura Spring Foaming shower oil. This is perfect if you have dry skin but hate “oily-feeling” products. It lathers and leaves behind the light fragrances of organic rice milk and Eastern Cherry Blossom. It is feels fabulous on dry skin. Sakura Spring Foaming shower oil costs $15.

I also tried Wu Wei Calming Cream bath with Green Tea and White Lotus. The fragrance is very light and botanical. The bath foams and makes lots of bubbles. It feels and smells delightful. The bottle says it will make 10 baths.

Both products are part of complete spa lines with scrubs, creams and oils. They can be purchased separately or in sets.  The presentation is very nice. The Wu Wei Calming Cream Bath has a lovely wooden cap.

Both of these Asian-themed lines from Rituals are very packaged very nicely in soothing green elegant Asian iSakuraspringshowernspired bottles and jars.

I like the line very much and think is excellent value for a “spa at home” experience.



Spa at home!

Use it head to toe several times a week!We love to spa at home. A little pampering is good for the body and soul. So when St. Ives, one of DolceDolce’s favourite beauty bargains, sent us their own spa at-home tips, we decided it would be fun to share some.  The tips were created for them by Melissa Liebling-Goldberg of PopSugar.
Here are some ideas to bring the spa home from St. Ives:
Give your day a fun lift by taking the "St. Ives Naturally Joyful Challenge".
Take a hot shower to open your pores with steam.
Clean out your skin with a deep cleansing scrub to fight clogged pores.
Don't forget the lotion after your shower too – the heat helps your skin absorb moisture more efficiently.
Get your body ready for the day by doing a series of light stretches in the morning to get yourself pumped up and realigned after a night’s sleep.
DolceDolce tip: We are addicted to St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. Try it head to toe! Naturally Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Body Lotion has a great fresh scent and leave skin soft and moist.

Little luxuries

Crabtree & Evelyn Black Sea Mud & Seaweed Triple Milled soap smells like the sea with a splash of citrus and cedar. The sexy-looking black bar is spa-like experience that pampers your skin with purifying sea silt extract and red and brown algae. It also contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and primrose to leave skin moist and soft. Pair this luxe soap with a big fluffy loofah, and you have a perfect gift for any luxury loving friend.  


Spa at home

Ling Complete Skincare Collection is an exclusive skin care line created by Ling Chan for her exclusive international skin care spas.  Now, she is using her 30 years of experience to offer treatments for home use. She has created an at-home five-step facial experience for those who can’t come to one of her spas complete with application and massage directions and diagrams. Ling Chan has developed programs for most skin types and common problems.

I tried the Ling Skincare Ginseng Therapy Mask. It is recommended for anti-aging, all skin types, and to help with acne. The mask contains ginseng, arnica, aloe, and hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycan. The mask says that it will bring on a healthy glow and in time reduces irritation, and improve elasticity and skin tone. It makes sense, as most of the ingredients are used to treat irritation and increase circulation. The mask does seem to rev-up circulation and leave skin refreshed. It’s great for this hot sticky weather. It leaves skin feeling toned and clean, but not dry. For winter, I would want something richer and creamier, but for now it is refreshing pick-me-up.