Fashion on the go!

Soyon AnYou want to be ready in minutes when it is time for summer fun. And you want to look fabulous, too! That is why we asked Soyon An, an American Idol stylist and guest stylist for Baby Phat, for her favourite tips on how to be look fab in a flash. She had a list of must-have items for summer, handy fashion tips for summer weddings, and ideas for how to dress up a dull look fast. She also asked that we share her cute Baby Phat style video – so give it a look.  

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DD: What are this summer’s must-have items?
S: Definite must-haves for the season are a fringe bag, wedges, and a floral wardrobe item.
DD: What are few quick and easy ways to change a look from boring to chic?
S: As you can see in the video, all it takes sometimes is switching out the top and shoes, and pairing them with some over-the-top statement accessories!
DD: What is your favourite look for a casual evening?
S: It’s all about layers: Boots, skinny jeans, fitted tanks, cardis with shawl attached, leather jackets, light cashmere scarves, fun earrings.
DD: What do you suggest that can be worn more than once for this season’s spring and summer weddings?
S: For summer weddings, you can absolutely wear a great pair of dressy shoes and fabulous accessories more than once.
DD: What are your three fashion must-haves?
S: Boots, skinny jeans, and a great purse!! If I could have four, I would squeeze in a leather jacket!
DD: What is always in your handbag, and what is you favourite "on the go" handbag?
S: My camera, notebook, business cards, and my Almay eyeliner! My on-the-go handbag for this season is my Michael Kors suede fringe bag.