Soft touch on the road

Long comfy "Looking Glass" dress from Alternative Apparel under $100 Darlings, everyone likes to be comfortable when they travel. No one wants to spend hours in plane, car, or drafty airport feeling too “buttoned up.” But no wants to look or sit next to anyone who looks like a pile of laundry. So make an effort. Besides, you never know who you might meet. Perhaps you’ll sit next to a future mate, agent, or employer, so be ready to make a good impression,

You can look pulled together and feel comfy too. Forget wearing jeans and jacket. Jeans can feel like a corset after an hour or two. And who wants to drop or drag pants on a dirty loo floor to use the facilities? Not moi!
Instead consider a cozy soft dress and pair of tight with a soft warp to protect against overly-chilled planes. We loved the soft knit separates from Alternative Apparels’s Holiday collection. The knit dresses and jackets will arrive wrinkle-free after the most arduous journey. You’ll feel relaxed in the ultra-soft fabric. They even have soft twisty scarves to complete the look. Or jazz up your look with your own designer pashmina.
Alternative Apparel  scarfSkip lots of jewelry, heavy belts, or any footwear that will be hard to remove at security. Stick to a scarf and slip-on shoes.
Stock a good looking tote with glasses, iPod, Kindle, or magazines, glasses, water, snacks, or a box lunch, vitamins, and Add a classic tote! This is my fav LV!mini-toiletries, and you will be ready to travel like a real jet-setter.