Breathless, a hotter-than-hot trilogy

Rush by Maya Banks, is the first book in new hotter-than-hot trilogy, Breathless. In Rush, the bestselling romance author has penned a sexy, smoldering S&M romance that is sure to delight the fans of newly popular genre.
Rush is the love story of Mia and Gabe. Mia is the young, feisty sister of Gabe’s best friend and business partner. Gabe has always been attracted to her, but he stayed away because Mia was so young and his friend’s sister. Mia has always had a crush on Gabe, her brother’s older magnetic but distant friend. When they meet again neither can resist the pull of their mutual attraction. Mia is surprised at how she responds to Gabe’s unusual treatment of her. Gabe finds himself unwillingly falling deeply in love with Mia.
Banks’s steamy novel will delight romance readers who like their fiction to have a strong climax.