Red, White and Berry Watermelon Cooler

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A Signature cocktail is fun and easy way to entertain.

Set up your bar with wine, beer, soft drinks, water and one stand out cocktail for

a fabulous summer soiree or afternoon BBQ.

Smirnoff Red, White & Berry is a limited edition vodka infused with

cherry, citrus and blue raspberry. It is even more refreshing with fresh watermelon juice, lime, and mint.

Try our Red, White and Berry Watermelon Cooler at your next party.

Red, White and Berry Watermelon Cooler

Liquefy, strain and chill the juice from one fresh cut,

seedless watermelon, use only half a melon if the one you have is large.

1 ½ ounce Smirnoff Red, White & Berry Vodka, chilled

3 ½ ounces fresh watermelon juice

Juice 1 lime per drink

Handful of well rinsed mint leaves

Muddle (smash) some mint with ice in the bottom of

a cocktail shaker, with crushed ice

Add vodka, watermelon

Shake and pour over fresh crushed ice

Garnish with mint and enjoy!