Need a laugh

Jen Lancaster’s My Fair Lazy is hysterical. Jen confesses to making a lifestyle out of doing things that everyone does once in a while and is sort of embarrassed about. She has no shame. Jen is a best selling author who has chronicled her life as a female slacker. In My Fair Lazy, Jen embarks on a program of self-improvement after meeting her idol, author Candice Bushnell. The results are just too funny. You will be in stitches following this lovable self-proclaimed bull-in-a-china shop. Culture was never so funny.

I also loved Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster, which is out in paperback. It preceded My Fair Lazy and culminates with an awkward Jen meeting that idol of hers, Candice Bushnell. It chronicles her life as a budding author, referenced by her wardrobe choices. I particularly loved her righteous anger over the fact that a "casual’ sorority rush in the Midwest does not include wearing a jean jacket. The rise and fall of Jennifer and her wardrobe is hilarious.
At the end of bad day, Jen Lancaster will make you laugh and lower your blood pressure. Can you think of a better reason to buy a book?