Burn baby burn

Most of us are trained to slather on the SPF daily. Darlings, that is good thing. Skin cancer is no joke, it is deadly! And a good screen with anti-oxidants is still the best and cheapest anti-aging strategy! But don’t forget your head. Doctors often find deadly melanoma on the head, ears, and neck, and stylists can tell you that too much direct sunlight plays havoc with pricey colour job.

Redken Color Extend Solar Sunscreen SPF is a multi-tasking leave-in spray. It protects your hair and scalp from the damaging and aging effects of the sun. Spray it into dry hair 30 minutes before exposure. Take the bottle with you and respray (even wet hair)  after several hours of exposure. It provides UVA and UBA protection and will help prevent a painful sunburned scalp. It also protects hair color from fading and drying out fragile hair.
Use common sense. If you are fair skinned, you will need a hat and protective clothing after a short time in the strong sun, no matter how good your sunscreen is. Be smart. Wear them!