Delicious décolleté

You should always treat your neck and décolleté with the same care and products use on your face. The delicate skin on your neck and chest will show sun damage, age spots, and lines as quickly as your face, and sometimes even sooner. If you see signs of aging, or if you’ve noticed the skin in that area has become a bit dry and could use extra care, Bioelements V-Neck Smoothing Crème may be your answer. It’s a light moistening cream with hyaluronic acid and peptides to moisturize and reduce lines. Acetyl hexapeptide, alpha-arbutin and sodium hyaluronate help to even the skin’s tone and bring a glow to the skin.  Used with a good sun block of SPF 35 or above, and you should be ready flaunt your delicious décolleté on your summer V-kay!







Harsh sun can damage delicate skin