Make-up tips from the master

DaracTop make-up artist Darac is in demand by celebrities and royalty alike for all the red carpet events. Little wonder; he has a truly unique approach to beauty. Darac focuses on highlighting each woman’s individual beauty to create a timeless look. He created his cosmetic line to meet needs of women, with simple elegant ways to recreate a chic, natural, and polished look at home.

I like his TourQuam powder brush and Sifted Blur powder.
If you have ever wondered how to achieve a professionally-polished look at home – one that makes the most of your own natural beauty — do not miss a word of this exclusive DolceDolce interview with make-up master Darac.
DD: What are the most common mistakes women make with make up?
Darac: Too much trend is never good.  Find make-up that works to make you look polished and youthful.  Then accessorize with trendy colors. Fun trends should be the garnish not the main course.
DD: Do you agree that all women can wear red lipstick if they find the right shade?
Darac: Yes, but find one that works for you best. Too bright might feature your mouth as the focus, overshadowing your eyes. You need to look for balance. The rule of thumb is to gravitate toward warmer more tomato reds; it will make your smile and teeth look younger and brighter.  Berry reds tend to make teeth look older and more yellow.
DD: Is there a correct way to apply face powder? And why should women bother with it?
Darac: I have invented a more modern, correct way to apply powder with a new brush. It’s called TourQuam.  It utilizes three technologies including: finger printing, multi-dimensional bristles, and magnetic properties to buff and apply powder onto your skin for a perfect application.  If you don’t have one, you have to rely on the dated version, which is okay.  What you should do is press a puff into a looser powder, blend it into the puff, then press and roll it onto your face.  Afterwards, use a large brush to remove the extra debris and help to blend it in.  The reason women need powder is to set your make-up, lock in your moisture and also set up your face for mistake proof color.  If you apply blush on bronzer without powder it will streak and apply unevenly.
DD: What is the best way to camouflage dark under-eye circles?
Darac: Make sure your eye areas are hydrated and apply concealer in sheer veils so it doesn’t get too heavy. Stay away from too yellow. It will just make you look older and tired.
DD: You have a product called “Feature Focus” that takes the mystery out of facial sculpting and highlighting.  Can you explain how this works for all women?
Darac: Face sculpting is much easier than people think.  It just takes a bit of practice. It took us all a few times before we could tie our shoes, but once we learned we never forgot, and the benefits are life-long.  Start on the perimeter of face, across the forehead, and back behind and including ear and sweep down along the jaw line.
DD: How important are eyebrows to a woman’s face?  And is there a way to get a perfect arch?
Darac: Brows are probably the most important aspect and quickest fix for any woman. They create the frame for the window of anyone’s soul.  It is also the easiest place to promote the appearance of youth and symmetry, the two things that men are attracted to.  The easiest way to get a perfect arch is to hold the pencil perpendicular from the outer edge of your nose to the outer edge of your pupil and draw a dot. This should be the highest point of your arch.  Then brush your brows down, feather in any bare areas with the pencil — extend the brow if you like — and finish by brushing the brow up.
DD: Do think foundation is important? And what is the best way to apply it?
Darac: Foundation is the most important and most elusive; if the color and texture are right, you can look pristine.  Make sure not too look too yellow. Try to go for a more peaches-and-cream tone. The best way to apply foundation is to rub it between fingers. Start applying it at the perimeter of your face and go towards center of the face so there is less in the middle. That’s where people typically apply too much. Blend in with a sponge.
DD: How can women find her perfect shade of blush?  Where should she apply it?
Darac: Look inside the lower lid of your eye and try to match that red pink tone with the perfect shade of blush for you — which truly mimics a flush from within.
DD: If a women is in a hurry what can she do in three minutes to look fabulous?
Darac: Spend the first minute on your brow.  Pristine brows are the difference between a fresh crisp shirt and one pulled out from under the bed; it’s the difference between looking polished and unkempt.
Gently bite and rub your lip under your teeth. This will bring color to them and add size, much like a lip plumper. Follow with clear lip gloss to polish. With the gloss left on your fingers, shine your lashes and define them.
Smile big and pinch your cheeks to give them a little color.  Add a touch of concealer under eyes or any other shadow or dark area. This should leave you 30 seconds to find an Altoid in your bag.
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Perfect Powder

Jenn FalikRecently, I sat down with fellow beauty maven Jenn Falik when she was in town. Jenn introduced me to some of her favourite products as we chatted about our mutual passion – beauty. She shared one of her must-have items:  Darac’s Beauty TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brush and Sifted Blur Powder Compact. It really is amazing.

The TourQuam brush is designed to recreate a make-up artist’s skill. It places just the right amount of powder evenly over your face to prevent caking or a dry, powdery look. The handle of the brush has a magnet in it to help the beautifully angled bristles pick-up just the right amount of powder. This works as all cosmetic powder is infused with magnetic minerals, such as titanium dioxide. It is one of the best and most effortless I have ever used.
You can use it with any good powder. I tried it with many of mine, and it worked fabulously. I also tried it with Darac’s Sifted Blur which is described as containing “micro-spheric optic pearls” that disperse light a diamond to create a halo effect. The powder also contains sodium hyalauronate which helps the skin attract and retain moisture. The powder is light as feather. It helps to mask flaws and set make-up, but does not show the skin. It is really lovely powder that gives a soft, ethereal finish.