Stretch your fashion budget

Lindsay PhillipsLindsay Phillips is the creative force behind Switch Flops, the popular line of patented accesorizible flip-flops. She has recently added Liz Ballet flats to her line. These chic comfy flats are named for her business partner who is also her mother. They can also be decorated with snap-on accessories allowing women to change their look on a whim. This also allows savvy fashionistas to buy and pack fewer shoes, making Liz flats the newest chic must-have accessory to stretch your fashion budget. If you love shoes and fashion, don’t miss a word of our interview with the newest diva of sole.

Metallics are the new neutralsDD: What inspired you to design Liz Ballet Flats?
LP: Growing up in sunny warm Florida, flip-flops are a must. When I started traveling a lot for work I realized that I could not wear flip-flops in the north during the winter. I found myself wearing a ton of ballet flats and that’s when I came up with the idea of making an interchangeable ballet flat.
DD: What are the flats made of? Are they durable and easy to care for?
LP:  The flats are made out of napa leather! They are super comfortable, very durable and easy to care for. Once you put our flats on you won’t be able to take them off. I am addicted to them.
DD:  How many different looks are possible with one pair of flats and different accessories?
LP: We have 45 different fashion snaps. So with one shoe you can have 45 different looks within seconds. It gets even better as in spring we are introducing our new Jordi flop with this snap system as well. Now you can use your snaps not only on the ballet flat but on the flops as well.
DD:  How do you change the accessories and how long does it take to change the accessories?
LP: The ballet flats have an interchangeable patented snap system. It is very simple concept. You can literally snap and unsnap the adornments on and off! Within seconds you have a new look.
DD:  What is your favourite pair of flats for day –and what do you usually pair them with?
LP: This is a hard question! I change my snaps on the flats all the time. During daytime, I love wearing the black Liz flat with a snap. I wear the flats with almost everything from jeans to dresses.
Lindsay's evening stand-byDD: What is your favourite evening look featuring your ballet flats?
LP:  For a dressier look, I am all about the metallic. I love wearing the gold ballet flats with a button. The snap adds a little bit of bling for a perfect night out.
DD: Have you worn them at resort –or at the beach or on a cruise?  Can you share a favorite travel-fashion story?
LP: Over last few years I was in the Bahamas. It was a bit chilly so the ballet flats were perfect to wear around the island. I brought a pair of black flats and 3 snaps which game me 3 totally different looks. Bringing only one shoe always seems to make my husband happy because that means my bags will be lighter.
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