Give fitness

Bethenny FrankelNever give a gift as a hint! But if some one on your list is trying to get fit or is a confirmed fitness fiend, then a fabulous DVD maybe the perfect gift or stocking-stuffer. We review the best, so check our archives on Bing or Google. Just type in DolceDolce plus the words fitness or yoga, and you will get the info you need. But if you are in a hurry, let me recommend Body by Bethenny, reality star Bethenny Frankel’s yoga workout. I love it. It is a solid workout done with her personal teacher. It has amusing chatter and a good additional weight work-out. Bethenny credits it and walking with getting her back into shape, post-baby, in record time. This is a good DVD for any fitness level.

Many of you know may know Joy Bauer from The Today Show. Joy Bauer’s Slowdown Workout is no-nonsense but fun, with two 20-minute segments covering cardio and strength building – plus Joy’s weight-loss tips. Joy is appealing and supportive. This is a great start for anyone new to the fitness game. 
These DVDs are from . They also stock all the Exhale Core Fusion DVDs that are based on the popular Exhale Spa Mind-Body Classes. I personally do this work out four or five times a week. They also have DVDs by renowned yogini Shiva Rhea as well as Hemalayaa’s popular Bollywood workouts. All would make wonderful gifts.

Get into shape for summer

Om shanti – surfs up!


Renowned yogini Shiva Rhea brings the motion of the ocean to the practice of vinyasa yoga in Surf Yoga Soul. In this customizable workout DVD you can choose from seven different segments to build strength and flexibility – or do the entire 75-minute workout! So if you’re a beach bunny at heart or just looking for a new way to motivate yourself into working out, try yoga surf style and get your body bikini — or at least bathing suit — ready for summer. 

 Nikki commented:This sounds so great. My favorite thing about yoga is that there are so many kinds to do, you can never be bored with it. Here is a link to the kind of yoga I’m into right now, more meditation, but I’ll defintely have to check out the surf yoga!! 

Can’t stand to get caught in the crunch

Dance and Be Fit ABS Burn with Kimberly Miguel Mullen focuses on flattening and tightening abs with hip circles, shimmies, and dips. Kimberly’s routines will keep you off the floor, but still whittle your middle. If you hate to exercise, but live to move and groove this is your work out. Sculpt your body and get in a cardio workout too. Best of all, there isn’t a single neck-wrenching crunch in this ab-flattening routine. Choose between two different 20-minute workouts, or go for a 40-minute blast.