Start the decade with daily yoga!

Shiva Rea Daily Energy

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy-Vinyasa Flow Yoga features seven 20-minute practices. There is one for every day of the week, or mix and match the 20 minute sessions for a customized 90-minute class. These flexible options with a master teacher makes Daily Energy perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who wants a workout that never gets boring. The DVD features six pre-set practices and a customizable Yoga Matrix, which allows users to combine segments into longer practices for endless variations. 
Practicing yoga daily, even for a short time, can be more beneficial than long, intense practices once in a while or not at all! By tuning your workout to your needs each day, you’ll acquire balance, composure, and tranquility in your life. On a stressful day, try one of the lunar programs for relaxation; when you need to be at your best, opt for an energizing solar practice, or put the two together to build stamina and sculpt long, lean muscles.
With the customizable Yoga Matrix, you can choose from more than two hours of yoga to create endless possibilities for longer practices, or try one of the six pre-set practices. Yoga will change your body and your life if you give a chance. Make this your decade for a better body and life through yoga.
Say yes to yoga and yes to you!