Firm up fast!

Murad’s Age-Diffusing Firming Mask is a rich, at-home skin firming mask that will instant revive dull dry, lackluster skin. It is part of Murad’s Resurgence anti-ageing skin care line that targets hormonally aging skin. 
The creamy mask contains a firming complex called Firm Q, golden seaweed to help restore resilience, Brazilian fruit extracts to boost collagen and reduce fine lines, and Shea butter and trace minerals to increase hydration.
This creamy mask is the perfect pick-me-up before an evening out. Use it weekly for a glow, if you have dry skin that is starting to look a little less firm. At-home masks are wonderful when you don’t have the time or budget for a salon facial. Wash your face, put your feet up, or soak in the tub, and let your face be transformed. You will be amazed at how refreshed you look!

Grassroots beauty

Triple Mushroom Cream by Grassroots  is just luscious. It also has impressive ingredients. It’s not surprising as Grassroots is made by Estee Lauder for Kohl’s.

Grassroots Triple Mushroom intensive Anti-Wrinkle cream with wild ginseng also contains three different exotic mushrooms. The special fungi are known for their anti-oxidant properties. Both the mushrooms and ginseng are used in Chinese medicine for their anti-aging benefits. The cream also has botanicals and shea butter so skin stays soft and dewy-looking all day. It’s a steal at under $35. Canadian ladies, this cream is worth looking for on cross-border shopping trips, or buy online and send it to your hotel when you travel. 

Like a wild rose

Neroli Rose is a new line of all-natural shea butter and essential oil skincare products. All the ingredients in Neroli Rose are organic, wild-crafted, or ethically produced. They contain no synthetic ingredients, chemicals or petroleum derivatives.

 Neroli Rose’s Lulu Life Shea butter from Southern Sudan is one of the finest natural moisturizer in the world. In Sudan, shea butter is called “Lulu”, meaning “treasured pearl.” It comes from the nut of the Vitellaria nilotica tree, which grows wild, deep within East Africa’s forests, untouched by chemicals or fertilizers. Sudanese women carefully process their butter the way their ancestors did — using an ancient, cold-pressed technique. Not all shea butter is alike. Most consumers are used to West African shea butter. Because Nilotica pure shea butter has a higher oil-than-fat content than Paradoxa from West Africa, it is soft to the touch and melts directly into the skin as soon as it is applied. The faint nutty aroma of Neroli Rose’s pure shea butter fades when blended with their aromatic, organic essential oils.
Neroli Rose uses the best therapeutic-grade essential oil to create blends with intoxicating aromas that can enhance physical and emotional well-being. I adore the scent and feel of these products. 
The Eye Cream helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and banish puffiness with a blend of organic witch hazel, therapeutic-grade fennel, lemon, geranium and other potent essential oils in a base of softly melting shea butter. Fennel is known for preventing water retention, while witch hazel is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it issued to help calm the skin. Therapeutic-grade lemon oil is antiseptic, improves microcirculation as it helps brighten dull or discolored skin.
I use this eye cream in addition to my regular anti-aging eye creams. I often apply it on top anti-aging cream for additional lubrication. It is amazing how my skin drinks in the moisture. It’s also wonderful before make-up.
The Royal Wrinkle Treatment helps to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. This is a heavenly combination of Turkish rose oil, hypnotic jasmine oil and romantic Neroli oil.  Neroli is reputed to promote the growth of healthy new cells. Frankincense, once prized for its perfume and medicinal properties by the ancient Egyptians, is said to restore facial tone. This aromatic treatment also contains 11 other therapeutic-grade oils in a base of creamy Sudanese shea butter.
I cannot stress the relaxation benefits from the scent and feel of this cream. They are as valuable as the cosmetic effects. The creams are reasonably priced at $20 to $28 each, and the line contains other lovely body and face products.
It is also heartening to note this is a “Fair Trade” product. The shea butter is produced by Sudanese women and proceeds go towards their support and that of their families. To read more about this, click on