Sexy, shape wear

Showing off curves in Leonisa, shape wear was never this sexy.
Curves are sexy, so why isn’t most shape wear? Leonisa is sexy, playful lingerie and shape wear from Columbia. It’s not surprising as Latin women are nothing if not feminine. Leonisa makes bras, panties, and even shapers that are so pretty you won’t be ashamed to be seen in them. And they are designed to make the most of your curves, too!
The feminine colour-coordinated bras enhance a smaller bust, or streamline a more generous bosom.
The line has pretty lacy panties that are lined with power net for shaping. You would never dream such delicate panties had figure-shaping net in them. Leonisa designers say that their lingerie “helps women achieve the curves most dream of, just like the curves of Marilyn.”
Leonisa body shapers emphasize a feminine silhouette as they define the waistline and smooth bulges. According to Leonisa, their shape wear combines “a perfect blend of advanced power net, creating a ‘lipo-transportation’ effect that contours the body, re-distributing and eliminating fat.” And Leonisa offers an amazing array of shape wear for every figure.
Leonisa is also great value at less than half the price of lingerie of comparable quality. I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price of this high quality, sexy line.
They have “curvelogists” in their shops to advise you how to make the most of your shape no matter what your size.You can also shop online. But in case you can’t make to a Leonisa shop, I asked Leonisa Vice-President Octavio Quintana to answer some of the most common questions we get about shape wear.
DD: What is a curvologist?
OQ: Our curvologists are there to help customers look their best by accentuating her curves, capitalizing on her beauty, and emphasizing her style. Our curvologists give the customers the ability to achieve the right curves while controlling areas that need it. Curvologists are trained to be knowledgeable of the brand, specifically with the bras and shape wear, and know what works best for different body types. They stay on top of trends, competition, and the interest of our customer.
DD: Can even thin women benefit from shape wear?
OQ: Of course, many women want to smooth out small bulges or accentuate their rear. We have styles such as our truly invisible and seamless shapers that are perfect for smaller women who just want a little extra control. Also, some women want more back support and most of our shapers help correct posture.
DD: How can you choose the right shape wear for your body? It is so confusing. Most of it seems to just squeeze everything in, which is not a good look.  How do you find shape wear that makes the most of your curves while taming any bulges?
OQ: We have a curvologist on site for this exact reason. Women don’t know what they need and sometimes what they are wearing can make their figure look less flattering. Our specialized curvologist can really help women since they know what shape benefits which body types, and for what occasion.
DD: Some celebrities claim to wear two or even three pairs of slimmers at a time. This sounds uncomfortable, and can be expensive. Can one slimmer get the job done?
OQ: If celebrities are wearing multiple slimmers at a time it means they are wearing low quality shape wear. We offer high quality products at a very good price. For example, our powernet and latex lines offer extra control for those who want the highest level of control.  
DD: Shape wear can help you look great for a date or special occasion, but it is not pretty or very feminine looking. I know women who actually hide it from their husbands? Does pretty shape wear exist? 
OQ: Yes, in fact, we are offering a new line of fashionable shape wear this fall purposely for this reason. Women should not feel ashamed that they wear shape wear. Our new collection is sexy and colorful, and you can mix and match. 
DD: Can a bra actually make your breasts look better? And how do you know which bra to choose?
OQ: Yes, it depends on the shape of the woman, though. We offer different bras for different women. We have minimizers and maximizers to help those who don’t feel comfortable with what they have. Our curvologists are specialized to direct our customers to the right bra for their figure.
DD: Can one bra work under different styles of dresses with different necklines?
OQ: Yes. Most of our bras are versatile and have multi-way straps (classic, crisscross, halter, one strap, and strapless). It makes it easier to buy an outfit knowing you have a bra that could work for any style.