Dress like an A-lister

Leonisa pantiesSticky summer weather can make it tempting to skip shapewear, but think twice. One reason why celebrities always look so fabulous on the red carpet is that their stylists know that the rights undergarments make everything look better. That is why even super-slim stars slip on smoothing panties and underwire bras.
Now, thanks to high-tech fabrics and special construction methods, you won’t even feel weighed down. The Colombian-based intimate apparel brand, Leonisa, helps women achieve the curves most dream of. Comfortable and breathable, Leonisa contours the body while a moisture-wicking layer keeps skin cool and dry.
Full body shaper
I really like the Leonisa brand because they have shapewear for all occasions at incredibly good prices.
Leonisa make sexy bras and pantries with light to medium control, as well as serious shapewear, which actually pull you in by inches. It is the next best thing to lipo.
This summer dress like an A-lister. Wear the right shapewear to enhance your look for special occasions. Depending on your figure you may need may need nothing more than a pair of lightweight body-smoothing panties. If you are very curvy you may want to try body shaper to show your dress and figure off to their best advantage.  
Here are few options to consider:
If you are slender but wearing a clingy or form-fitting outfit control panties or thigh slimmers will ensure smooth line.
If you are curvy a full body shaper may give you a better silhouette for a special occasion.
If you need help with small or less than firm derrière choose shapewear with lift.
If your stomach or waist  bulges look for shapewear that will help hold it in.