Scalps are sensitive too

Phillip Kingsley is without doubt one of world's most respected authorities on hair and scalp health. It is safe to say before Phillip Kingsley few people had ever even heard of a trichologist. (Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp.) For 55 years, politicians, royalty, and celebrities have flocked to him when their hair needs help. Now you can access his expertise at home. Phillip Kingsley hair care is available to everyone at home through a range of products he created using his many years of experience.
Phillip Kingsley NoScent NoColour Shampoo and Conditioner are for those with the most sensitive, delicate, or easily-irritated skin. According to the company, this duo is “designed to answer the needs of the growing number of allergic and reactive skin types for whom fragrance and strong surfactants are not an option.”
The products are fragrance-, colour-, SLS-, SLES-, and paraben-free. They are also formulated to be gentle enough for those who are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, and those who have been sensitive to products. They are also suitable for those who have had Brazilian Keratin treatments.
According to Kingsley, “The ingridients have been carefully selected ingredients improve overall hair strength, elasticity and texture and it also has antistatic properties.”
If your skin or scalp is sensitive you many want to try these products. I have tried a selection of Phillip Kingsley products over the years and have found all of them to be excellent and very gentle. The website makes it very easy to select the correct products. There is also a very informative blog.
If  you travel frequently you will be glad to know that chic little plastic bottles are 75 ml., or 2.5 fl. oz., so  you can pop them in your carry-on anywhere on the globe without a worry! Philipp Kingsley offers “Jet Set” travel sets of his other popular hair care products, also with 75 ml. shampoos and conditioners, plus packets of treatment in a plastic case.