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Gracey Hitchcock,

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I loved Star Wars: The Force: Awakens

And if you haven’t heard, Carrie Fisher doesn’t look like

Princess Leia anymore. And why in the world would she?

She was cast as Princess Leia in 1977. She wore the now infamous

 slave girl costume in 1983.  Do the math.

Even before the movie opened Fisher was subjected to cruel and

stupid remarks about her appearance. Carrie Fisher is a 59 year-old

 actress playing opposite Harrison Ford who is 73.

For the record, Harrison Ford still a very handsome man but

he doesn’t look like Hans Solo anymore either – maybe Hans’s father.

 And Carrie Fisher looks just fine. I can’t say if she looks like Princess Leia or not because her hair was not in that ridiculous earmuff style that identified the character.


Fisher is not taking the attacks on her appearance silently. She is fighting

 back in interviews and on twitter. Fisher shot back at critics  saying, “Youth and beauty are not accomplishments. They’re temporary by-products [sic] of time and/or DNA”.

This is has been a nasty little media tussle and a demonstration of the  bullying that has become the norm today.Fisher is a strong, smart, and outspoken woman. She knows how to hit back.

One of the nastiest and most gratuitous attacks came from Fox News’Bill O’Reilly who actually said, in discussing the movie, “ But it comes

out worse for our friend Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, because she  doesn’t look like Princess Leia.”  O’Reilly actually followed these nasty

 comments with the assertion that he “likes” Fisher. One can only wonder how he talks about people he doesn’t like.

Granted women are most often the victims of body shaming, but it happens  to men these days too. It has been normal for people to attack anyone

 they don’t like any way they want – and there is no penalty, until someone dies.

  Politicians mock and insult their opposition’s appearance in the crudest

 manner and are applauded. These same politicians and media types then

 later wring their hands over school bullying. Grow up people and set an example.


Just because Fisher can hit back doesn’t mean such attacks don’t hurt.

They always hurt and tolerating attacks on anyone or any group hurts us all.

Let’s all grow up. Treat people with kindness and tolerance.

 And if you don’t feel kind and tolerant, fake it until you do.

Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life.


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