Profile1aClick on top title to open and scroll  As a woman in the fashion and beauty industry, I have followed the debate about how fashion magazines and cosmetic companies portray women, and how that contributes to the serious psychological problems and insecurities some young women have. I have often written about it. I hold the controversial view that magazines and media play a much smaller part than the hype would have you believe.  The real damage is done to young girls much earlier at home and in school when they are shamed. I believe peers, teachers, and families are the biggest contributors to serious body and eating disorders. I have seen it happen.  I think bullies are created at home and sent to schools where they often thrive in an atmosphere of misguided neglect. Shame is often what drives bully behaviour and promiscuity.

Life is sweet when young people are empowered to make good choices about health, fashion, education, and exercise. Let’s help them – not shame them.

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