Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sex y.

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Many women dread having to bare their arms,

but they don’t want to give up wearing sleek, sexy sheaths,

especially for the holidays.  Arms are tough to tone

but celebrity trainer JJ Virgin has answers.


JJ has spent 25 years working in health and fitness. 

 She is the author of Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sex y.

 We are bringing back her tips because they work! 

Start right now you have time to get your arms ready to wave hello to the New Year!



Here are JJ’s no-nonsense tips:


Build muscle on your plate with protein, good fats, and fiber. Unhealthy eating will derail even the best workout regimens.


High fiber carbs and non-starchy veggies slow down digestion and tell your brain you’re full. You will eat less and burn more fat.


Ditch the bread for a protein appetizer.


Get to bed! Lack of sleep ups stress hormones and hunger, decreasing insulin sensitivity. In short, it makes you fat and cranky.


Eating soluble fibers and increasing exercise is a sure-fire combo to burn belly fat.


Never skip breakfast. It sets your metabolic tone for the day and triggers fat burning.



Breathless, a hotter-than-hot trilogy

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Get Elizabeth Bank’s sexy look

Elizabeth Banks--Get her look!Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks looked sexy at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Here are step by step instructions on how-to get her look:
Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles gave Elizabeth a strong eye and neutral lip using Victoria Secret Makeup products. She wore her hair in a top knot styled by Jenny Cho.
After Fiona prepped Elizabeth’s skin with VS Pro FX Face Primer SPF 20, she applied foundation and concealer from the VS Pro Camouflage FX Concealer Palette. She then took the VS Pro Radiant Fix Face Illuminator and patted it on to the bridge of her nose and along her cheekbones. She set the face with the VS Minerals Pressed Face Powder in Light and applied Beauty Rush Radiant Blush in Fresh Love to her cheeks. 
For the eyes, Fiona used two different colors to achieve a smoky eye; a shimmery grey on the bottom from the VS Makeup Eye Shadow Quad in Satisfied and a purple on the top lid from the VS Makeup Eye Shadow Quad Ravishing. It gave a little bit of a twist to a smoky eye. 
She lined the inside of the eye with Beauty Rush Precision Liner in Hot Slate and then smudged the grey liner into the lower lashes, blending it down into the skin. Fiona then took the grey shadow and swept it over the liner, effectively setting the liner and making the color stronger. For the top of the lid she smudged the grey liner along the top lashes and applied a dusting of the plum shadow over the lid. She used the shimmery pink in the quad to add a little highlight to the inner corners of her eyes, and the lilac color to blend the purple up and out. After the eyes were complete, Fiona used a brown brow pencil to strengthen and slightly elongate Elizabeth's brows and added VS Makeup Extra Lengthening Mascara in Blackest Black. 
Fiona used her finger to pat on VS Makeup Perfect Lipstick in Wish so that it was less a lipstick and more of a stain. There was a beautiful color to Elizabeth’s lips without the sheen of a lipstick or a gloss. It makes the look feel a little cooler and less done.
Elizabeth wore an Elie Saab jumpsuit, and accepted the award for Best On-Screen Transformation for her role in The Hunger Games.