Sexier than 50 Shades…

If you are looking for a little light reading to spice up your nights and curl your toes, look no further than bestselling author Sylvia Day’s sexy saga. Gideon Cross and Eva Trammell are rich, gorgeous, damaged characters in two sizzling novels, Bared to You and Reflected in You.
Gideon and Eva are instantly attracted to each other and soon enter into a sexual game of cat and mouse. They are taken by surprised when it turns into true passion that exposes their deepest secrets and vulnerabilities.
Bared to you and Reflected in You are sophisticated, well-written adult novels with compelling characters and hot, steamy sex. The issues that propel the plot are contemporary and could have been ripped from the headlines.
If you are looking a way to warm up a cold winter night, try some well-written fiction by Sylvia Day.
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