Senteurs d’Orient

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No matter how hurried your day is you can now bathe like a pampered

odalisque in a luxurious marble bath. Hammam Soap on a Rope from Senteurs d’Orient 

is hand-crafted in Lebanon and infused with essential oils. 

The scents were developed in Grasse, France from the most exotic Eastern fragrances.

These elegant, hand-molded soaps dangle temptingly from a rope in the shower or bath.


I love fine soap and bath oils and these are exceptionally lovely. T

he scent is divine and they are not drying. I also think they are very beautiful, like the story of their creation.

Hana Debs Akkari, the woman behind them, says, “My inspiration was to create products infused by

the spirit of the Orient and reflect the multiple ‘beauty of the Easts’ cultures so close to my heart, which gave birth to the bathing rituals”


Hana’s daughter, Sara, now works with her and launched the brand in the

U.S.: “I always believed in the power of Oriental beauty rituals, and while working in the

beauty industry in the U.S., I quickly saw the growing interest for authentic brands. I rapidly realized that my mother created something very unique and special, worth sharing with the entire world”.

Hana and Sara also wanted to give back to the region. Senteurs d’Orient established

a partnership with the United Nations Development Program to support women’s education in

Lebanon. Ten percent of sales go to this program, providing choices and improvements in the lives of women.


For me, knowing this makes using the lovely soap even more delightful!



Senteurs d’Orient comes in four scents:


Orange Blossoms: infusing the fresh Mediterranean air with soft sensuality and uplifting the spirit with a clean and floral, yet woodsy, perfume.


Jasmine of Arabia: Among all the legendary Jasmine flowers on the Mediterranean coast, the Jasmine of Arabia imparts the most exquisite and sublimely soothing scent.


 Amber: Revered across the Middle East for its rich and luxurious palette. Amber’s seductive notes of musk and wood evoke the majesty of the Orient. This soap is also a stunning amber colour.


Rose of Damascus: A voluptuous bouquet embodying the essence of femininity, the Rose of Damascus is at once fresh and stimulating, graceful and elegant.


Tuberose: Celebrated throughout the Middle East, Tuberose, also known as the mysteriously nocturnal “Queen of the Night”, entices with a warm and sensuous fragrance.


These elegant soaps, each packed in its own cute box, make a lovely hostess, secret Santa, or stocking gift.


They are $38