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smdeserClick top title to open Everyone likes to make fun of reality TV shows, but according to experts anywhere from 68 to 85 percent of the population watches it. Experts agree one main reason for their popularity is a fascination with fame and our growing culture of narcissism. 

Living with selfie-obsessed, attention-seekers is not entertaining, it’s draining. Sadly these days, when you meet someone new you may not find a person interested in making a new friend, but a rather a wannabe celebrity in search of a new fan, or, worse, sponsor. 

In the past year I have received requests from “friends” to help pay for their “dreams”. Now let’s be clear: these are all middle class, adult, working individuals. But they have “dreams” and the rest of us should help them take a class, course, or trip. I remember the good old days when all your friends asked you for a donation to their favourite registered charity. And, even then, they were usually selling tickets to an event that they worked hard to organize, such as a ball or art show. But the divas of today just “want” and “need” your support because they feel “special”. 

What many of these self-anointed stars don’t understand is that stardom is earned, even reality TV stardom. Far be from me to defend a Kardashian, but Kim K., even with her high-powered parents, started working on her career in high school by buying and selling high-end designer goods and styling music stars. 

Most of the Real Housewives had self-made careers or even fortunes before they became TV housewives. Bethenny Frankel, perhaps the most successful Real Housewife, may have looked “poor” next to Jill Zarian, but she moved in lofty circles. Bethenny is a longtime friend of Kyle Richard of The Beverly Hills Housewives. Bethenny had a successful, healthy chef baking and consulting business and she also created the famous Pashmina Princess Company. 

The point is very few people attain lasting fame and fortune without hard work, but as the famous commercial says the trick is to “never let them see you sweat”. So many celebrities and reality stars like to maintain the illusion of “overnight” or effortless success. And it is not just TV stars, I knew a woman journalist who was so obsessed with tying to look like a “Wunderkind” that she got angry if you wished her happy birthday. 

I don’t want to discourage any one from pursuing their dream. I am all for pursuing dreams. And they often come true if you have enough talent, some luck and are willing to work very hard. But please don’t ask me pay for your vacation, life coach tuition, or sky diving class. Now if you have a viable business plan on Kickstarter for a real business or product that is entirely a different matter.

Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies.

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