Starting over can be a beach

Beach Colors by Shelley Noble is a perfect summer read.  
New York fashion designer, Margaux Sullivan has returned home to nurse her wounds. Her soon-to-be ex-husband has betrayed her and bankrupted her successful fashion design business. Margaret is devastated and doubts her talent and judgment. She takes refuge in Crescent Cove, her childhood home in a small New England beach town, right before the tourist season opens.
As Margaux reunites with her childhood friends she regains her confidence. At the urging of her friends, she decides to launch a new boutique design business from the safety of the beach town. Surrounded by old friends and her mother, she even falls in love again with the handsome local police chief.
Margaux and her new lover both have suffered past disappointments and face future responsibilities that may threaten their budding romance. Noble paints a plausible, but romantic picture of mid-life summer romance.
Beach Colors is a lyrical and hopeful story that will delight romantics.