Workout essentials!

Scuni Hair emergency kit

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If, like me, you work out in the middle of the day then you know the value of a well-packed gym bag. class

or to repair a fallen do after. The little pouch holds:  12 bobby pins, 2 elastics, 1 head wrap,

1 jaw clip and 12 polybands. It’s all easy on your hair, so you don’t end up with spits!




A better way to Dry Shampoo


When you use dry shampoo with the right brush your hair looks and feels fresher!

CONAIR Dry Shampoo Brush is designed with a combination of boar and nylon bristles.Conair Dry Shampoo Brush

The boar bristles, in the center of the brush, help to distribute dry shampoo through the hair, removing oil and residue. The brush’s outer nylon bristles add lift to maximize volume.


RENE FURTERER NATURIA dry shampoo is made with highly absorbent argilla powder (a type of clay) and scented with essential oils. I have tried many dry shampoos; and this is still one of my favourites because it leaves my hair feeling so light and clean.


Prevent body breakouts


If you can’t get a shower in after class –and it happens –be sure to have a pack of wipes in your bag. Using a wipe on areas where you are prone to break out can help prevent problems, which sweat can aggravate.  Also, using Gentle organic wipes to cleanse underarms makes deodorant more effective.


These wipes are about $5 or $6 dollars for a package of 30.

Find them online or in drugstores.


Blum Naturals Daily Combination/Oily Thick Novelettes, Organic Tea Tree Oil or Acura Organics, Cleansing Novelettes, For Face & Body, Unscented.


Protect and Enhance


Never leave your skin bare to the elements. Sun screen is essential, even indoors. And if you want healthy, youthful skin, a dose of anti-oxidants to help defend against environmental damage is just good common sense.



Lumene Finland is a skin care line from Finland that combines science with wild Arctic ingredients. The more I see of this well-priced but very sophisticated skin care line, the more I like it. Lumene is sold on line and in drugstores. It offers ingredients found only in very expensive products. The line is nicely packaged and the products feel fabulous on your skin.


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream has an SPF 20.

It also contains the line’s Artic Cloudberry Extract, which is a potent antioxidant, as well as Lumene’s time-release Vitamin C, to help lighten age spots. 

I love this BB cream because it looks so natural. It smooths fine lines and imperfections but never looks like makeup, even in very bright sunlight.  If you want, or like, heavy foundation, this is not for you. If you like a no makeup look but want a little “smoothing” of redness or other small imperfections, you will love this.

Look for at drugstores.