For the romantic


download (10)Treat yourself or a romantic friend to a lusty Regency romance or two over the holidays. The newest crop of Avon Romances sizzles with a nice mix of eros and erotica.  

Bestselling author Sarah MacLean continues her popular Scoundrels series with No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. In this third volume of the series, the very “odd” but brilliant Lady Philippa Marbury is an expert on an anatomy, but ignorant about men, women, and love. She is about to be wed, but the prospect of entering into marriage clueless about her “obligations” fills the “lady of science” with dread. 

So Philippa heads off to one place she feels certain that she can find out all she needs to know about what goes on between men and women– the most notorious gaming hall in London. She knows all about it because her sister Penny married one of the partners, the Marquis of Bourne (Scoundrels book #1 A Rogue by any Other Name). 

I shall stop here not to ruin the plot, except to say that Philippa meets her match in Cross, one of her sister’s partners in the gaming hall. Cross is as eccentric as Philippa. Their tortured courtship is riveting. It is also provocative and unusual for a Regency romance. 

In the Scoundrels’ books the men must conquer personal demons or overcome obstacles to be with the women they love. The characters and the plots are all very different. And while the themes are classic and well-used in romances, Sarah Maclean gives her books a fresh, modern, sensual feel that women today will love. 

The series also includes One Good Earl Deserves a Lover and A Rogue by any Other Name. The books all relate to each other and share characters but can be read and enjoyed alone. BeFunky_download (9).jpg

Bestselling author Eloise James’s Once Upon a Tower is yet another modern Regency romance. 

The very young and autocratic Duke of Kinross is smitten with Lady Edith Gilchrist. The moment he sees the beautiful young debutante he decides to marry her. The duke sees only a beautiful woman and pictures her as his ideal wife, Duchess and the mother of his future children. He is unaware that Edith is a gifted musician who lives to play her cello. Edith is a warm, loving, and passionate woman. She hopes to have children someday, but she is far from a domestic creature or meek wife.  

James has fun placing two strong-willed virgins, the Duke of Kinross and Lady Edith, in a marriage and letting them struggle to find love. James weaves a tale of lovers courting, fighting, and making up after marriage that is both entertaining and sensual.  Romantics will sigh when the Duke finally climbs the tower.