Choose the right sunscreen to slow aging!

Sun screen the ultimate anti-aging product!Darlings, we have lotions and potions and lasers to help us look younger and more vibrant. They are fabulous! And don’t let anyone tell you today’s beauty products and treatments don’t work, because many of them do. But any expert will tell you the best weapon we have against premature aging is good sun protection!
For sunscreen to work you have to apply it daily and often. Finding the right sunscreen can be tricky! Some are too sticky or feel greasy. If you have sensitive skin or are acne-prone, you may break out from the wrong sunscreen. Don’t despair, and whatever you do, don’t go bare and age your face!
We have reviewed samples of some of the newest and best sunscreens available. There is something for everyone!
Sensitive Skin
Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 60 Soft Sheer Sunscreen Lotion is an effective broad-spectrum UVA /UVB sunscreen that will not irritate sensitive skin. The formula includes potent antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals. A combination of effective sunscreen ingredients with Vitamin E and white grape polyphenols are a winning anti-aging formula.
This lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen is gentle and non-irritating. It is even safe for children and reported to be water-resistant for 80 minutes.
It is also available in SPF 30 and SPF 45. $30.50
Tropical-scented botanical rich spray
The light banana and coconut scent of Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Continuous Spray is delicious. The first spritz will make you feel like a sexy beach babe. The light spray dries quickly and makes touchups a breeze. Water babies will be glad to know that the company has determined it is water resistant for up 80 minutes. $10.49
Two dematologist favourites for anti-aging sun protection
Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Lotion Spray with Cell-Ox Shield is a sheer spray that contains a combination of sunscreen ingredients for UVA/UVB effective sun protection. The ultra-light spray also includes powerful anti-oxidants including “Senna Alta,” also known as “Candle Bush,” a tropical plant with medical and anti-aging properties.
Also available in SPF 30. $30.50
OBAGI Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 contains 10.5 percent zinc oxide and 7.5 percent octinoxate, making it one of our favourite go-to sunscreen for serous anti-aging sun protection. It is part of the respected Obagi skin care line, recommended by many dermatologists. The micro-fine zinc oxide is ultra-sheer and non-greasy. This is perfect for under makeup, or very hot days.  $46
Water babies
If you hate the greasy feeling of sun protection, try a dry-touch spray. Aveeno Hydrosport Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50 is one of our favourites. It is full of antioxidants from skin-pampering botanicals. It feels light and dry going on. Aveeno Hydrosport will even adhere towet skin, so it is great at the beach or at the pool. Aveeno says it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. It is also available in SPF 30.
$8.99. Available at drugstores and online.
The natural alternatives
Yes to Carrots Hydrating Body Lotion with SPF 30 sun protection contains Dead Sea minerals, vitamin A, and antioxidants. According to the company it is 97.4 percent all natural. It is also contains no petroleum products, SLS, and parabens. This rich, thick body cream is a way to protect and moisturize your skin in one easy step. $15 (only available in the U.S.)s
Jill Stacks’ Gold-N-SPF is an alternative for anyone with sensitive skin who wants a natural sunscreen and doesn’t require a high SPF. It is an herbal vegan sunscreen infused with gold water, lavender essential oil, and other botanicals.  It has an SPF of 15 and smells fabulous.
According to the company, Gold has rejuvenating and healing properties. This lavender-scented lotion feels fabulous, and it can be used as an all natural insect repellant, too!