The look of love

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Sarah Jio’s The Look of Love is a modern romantic fairy tale.

The heroine, Jane Williams, is a single florist who is about to turn 30. Jane lives in a quaint Seattle neighborhood surrounded by friends. The flower shop she runs is a legacy from her grandmother and mother.

Her best friend and companion is her dog Sam. Jane is resigned to her life as a spinster, until the eve of her 29th birthday when she receives a mysterious card. The message informs her that she possesses an extraordinary gift. She is informed that she has, “the ability to see love in all of its forms in a way that others cannot.” Jane is instructed to come and meet the card’s sender to learn more about her “gift”.

Upon meeting the mysterious woman who sent the card Jane learns that she must identify the six types of love before her 30th birthday or she may never find true love for herself.

At this point the cynical may wonder if this is a gift or a curse.

After her chat with the woman Jane looks at the world in new way. She begins to see “the look of love” all around her. But as the year passes, Jane wonders if she will ever find her own true love.

From the first pages Jio creates a mystical and romantic mood that will hook fans of this genre. The book’s endearing characters that will delight romantics. If you love modern romance and want to escape to a warmer place on a cold fall afternoon grab a copy of The Look of Love.