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Sally Koslows The Widow Waltz is a wry look at marriage through the eyes of a 50 year-old Park Avenue widow.
After her husband Ben dies from a heart attack while training for a marathon, Georgia Waltz finds herself unexpectedly widowed. She is shocked to find out that her loving husband has left her and their two college-age daughters penniless. Their apartment and country homes are mortgaged and all the bank accounts have been drained.
Her privileged life disappears overnight. Georgia must sell her apartment and other property. As Georgia attempts to track down her family fortune and help her twenty-something daughters adjust to their change of fortune, she ponders her marriage and lifestyle.
Georgia asks herself when she became so complacent. As she goes through the steps of dismantling her home of almost 30 years, she recalls the early days of courtship and marriage. Georgia tries to fix the exact moment that she and her husband grew quietly and comfortably apart.
Georgia and her daughters grow closer as they all grow up. Forced to earn a living, the three women discover strengths and talents they had never knew they processed.
The Widow Waltz will resonate with many women who at one time or another have been faced with starting over.