Best way to sexy pout

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Moist plump lips spell sex appeal. And one of the hottest young models, Kylie Jenner, has a serious pout. The lure of luscious lips just gets stronger. Kylie has finally admitted to getting lip injections.


Still thousands of wanna-be-beauties have tried plumping their lips with a dangerous shot-glass trick. It involves sucking air out of shot glass to causing a vacuum that swells your lips. This crazy maneuverer can work, but all too often lips are injured when blood vessels or lips rupture from too much pressure. The glass can also break and cut you badly. Don’t try it.


You can try elaborate contouring. These makeup techniques have been around forever but reserve them for photo or videos in real life they look heavy and artificial. For every day you are better off a good lip plumping (9)


Here are two to try:

glo minerals lip plumper works by trapping water in your lips. The gloss is “infused with spheres of Marine Collagen Atelocollgen” The little “spheres trap water to plump lips by trapping water and swelling”. The three shimmery shades 

also contain an antioxidant blend of Vitamins A, C, and E, and green tea.


$16 each


Palladio Plump and Shine lip gloss comes in over a dozen glossy shades that are perfect for summer. The gloss contains “herb and vitamins, as well as collagen and what the company calls” Maxi-Lip Formula” as well as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to maintain hydration and keep the mouth looking sleek and sexy. The company claims the effect rivals injections for plumping. I am not sure I agree, but they are beautiful glosses that stay on well and leave lips looking full and very luscious. The glosses also coat only $6 each, which make them a steal!