Fans of Downton Abbey, don’t miss this!

Elizabeth Cook’s layered family saga, Rutherford Park, will delight fans of the popular series Downton Abbey.
Rutherford Park is the home of the Cavendish family. It is one of England’s great homes, with a small army of servants to keep it ticking along.
As the novel opens, we meet William, the Earl of Cavendish and his wife, Octavia. It is the last Christmas Eve before the First World War. As the festivities begin we slowly meet their children, servants, and friends. The drama builds as we are made privy to a web of secrets, scandals, passions, and sorrows hidden under the rigid rules and pretty protocols that rule life at Rutherford Park.
Cook quickly engages us with her appealing and complex characters. Octavia is a fragile beauty. She never feels at ease or secure, even though she is the lady of a great estate. We become aware that her husband, William, while not unloving, is emotionally-distant and indulged. He is unavailable to his wife and children as well as unaware of the many domestic dramas. Harry, the university-age heir apparent, is running wild. He has created a crisis that will change lives, upstairs and down.
With its delicious plot twists and elegant settings, Rutherford Park is made for summer reading.
I haven’t managed to see all the episodes of Downton Abbey, but I breezed through Rutherford Park.