Fight indoor allergies naturally

_rootologyCool-weather allergies are caused by dust, mold, and even pets! And one of the worse things about the nasal congestion from allergies can be the loss of sleep.

 Rootology: Breathe Free for Nasal Health provides immediate, non-drowsy, natural support for nasal, sinus, and eye allergies. It is designed to help against the effects of pollen, pet dander, dust, mold, pollution, chemicals, wildfire, and other irritants. Its blend of 13 herbal extracts work in synergy against sneezing, runny nose, congestion, itchy watery eyes and sinus pressure. The formula Vitamin C & Vitamin D to boost immune health and herbal extracts to relieve symptoms. 

I have suffered from allergies since moving to Atlanta. I tried Rootology’s Breathe Free Nasal Health and it does help. It costs $16.99 for a bottle that contains 20 doses. The recommended dose is two pills every six to eight as needed, and no more than four times a day.