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12graceysmallDarlings, we are not living in a very romantic age. It is sad but true we live in age of email and texts  as opposed to love letters and sonnets. And while this very modern age has many advantages it does make romance a challenge.  So my darlings while Valentine’s Day is lovely if you want romance in life – make time for it every day. 

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Summer beach book, a “sweet” read

As Sweet Nothings begins, practical Ruby McMillan is knocked for a loop. Her husband Walter announces that he is leaving her for “the love of his life. She can’t believe that her dependable husband,
Walter, is head-over-heels for another woman, and that he is just walking out on her and their two teenaged children. But he does.
What really hurts is that the love of her husband’s life is not a sexy young thing but a woman her own age. And, to add insult to injury, her husband has left her in danger of losing her home by not paying the mortgage and leaving town on his lover’s yacht.
Ruby has to break out of her of shell to teach a pastry class and revive her failing bakery or face losing her home.
After a startling makeover from her fashion savvy daughter, Ruby runs into her disturbingly attractive mortgage broker. Suddenly, the practical Ruby is feeling hot and bothered. As her thoughts wander from baking to lust, Ruby wonders if she has sealed off the loving, sexy side of herself that may have kept her marriage alive.
In Sweet Nothings Janice Thomas captures the dilemma of many middle-aged women who lose the sweetest side of themselves as struggle to raise children and work. This book is funny, poignant, and sweet.

Another sexy sizzler

In Sex and the Single Fireman, Jennifer Bernard returns to the San Gabriel firehouse, the scene of her last book, Hot for Firemen. This time she brings together sexy female firefighter, Sabina, and a rugged training Captian Roman “Rock”.
Sabina and Rock have painful secrets from the past that keep them from finding love.
Sabina and Rock are drawn to each other from the moment they meet. It is inevitable that in the close confines of the firehouse, their mutual passion finally has to catch fire.
This playful romance is sure to please Bernard’s fans. Bernard beings back old characters and draws on events from the news to create a sexy romance that will please fans of firehouse romance.

Celebrate romance

Gracey Hitchcock
Darlings, I know that not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. Some dismiss it was commercial and corny. It may well be, as bestselling author Jackie Collins recently told me, the worst night of the year to dine out.  And for many who have not yet found love it may seem cruel.
But darlings, I am romantic. I cannot resist a celebration of love. So, if it appeals to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover or friends. Celebrate love in all its forms sweetly, softly, jovially, hotly or all of the above.
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 Gracey Hitchcock
Gracey Hitchcock
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Starting over can be a beach

Beach Colors by Shelley Noble is a perfect summer read.  
New York fashion designer, Margaux Sullivan has returned home to nurse her wounds. Her soon-to-be ex-husband has betrayed her and bankrupted her successful fashion design business. Margaret is devastated and doubts her talent and judgment. She takes refuge in Crescent Cove, her childhood home in a small New England beach town, right before the tourist season opens.
As Margaux reunites with her childhood friends she regains her confidence. At the urging of her friends, she decides to launch a new boutique design business from the safety of the beach town. Surrounded by old friends and her mother, she even falls in love again with the handsome local police chief.
Margaux and her new lover both have suffered past disappointments and face future responsibilities that may threaten their budding romance. Noble paints a plausible, but romantic picture of mid-life summer romance.
Beach Colors is a lyrical and hopeful story that will delight romantics.

Show some skin

 Darlings, summer is the time to show some skin. I don’t mean to go to the office dressed for the beach, but this is time to feel the sun on your skin and strut your stuff. So spray on your sunblock, slide into a fab summer frock or pretty top, and let that summer weather work its magic. 
Everyone is talking about the book 50 Shades of Grey these days. Some call it ‘mommy porn.’ But all the women I talk to who have read it – ages 20 and up – agree that the romance in the story is the real turn-on. No one wants the whips and chains in 50 Shades of Grey.
So darlings, get out flounce about and generate some desire.  It helps to make life sweet.
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A romance as big as Texas

The Cowboy Takes a Bride is another sweet romance from bestselling romance writer Lori Wilde. In a new series set in Jubilee Texas, "cutting horse capital of Texas," Lori brings together a flat broke wedding planner and a heart broken ex-bull-rider.
Mariah has recently been fired from her job as the assistant to Chicago’s top wedding planner. She has come to Jubilee to claim her inheritance form her estranged father, Dutch. Dutch neglected his family for his first love "cutting horses" (trained horses used in rounding up herds). Once at the ranch, she meets her father's drop-dead handsome partner Joe, who is still mourning his dead wife Beth.
When Mariah and Joe meet sparks fly. Both Mariah and Joe are afraid of love and Mariah the city girl wants to sell the ranch and flee. But, Joe needs her to stay, as she owns half of the prize-winning horse he and Dutch have been training for a big competition
Mariah stays and loses her heart to a sexy cowboy.
This is a tale that will appeal to those who long for an old-fashioned romance as big as Texas.

A darkly intriguing love story

More Like Her by Liza Palmer is dark and intriguing mystery. I adored this book.Frances idolizes her new school principal, the beautiful, married Emma Dunham. Frances has everything going for her but confidence. A recent breakup with her gorgeous but selfish boyfriend left her devastated.
Her two closest friends are having their own issues. Her best friend Jill is preoccupied with a crisis that threatens her marriage. She is too busy to comfort the shattered and depressed Frances. Frances focuses on work and Emma.
When the beautiful Emma is violently murdered in front of Frances, she becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of Emma’s life and death.
Frances learns that no one is perfect.
Palmer examines the dark insecurities that haunt all women about appearance, weight, and friendships. She weaves insights about the realties and vagaries of modern womanhood into a compelling mystery. Palmer is the author of bestsellers like Conversations with a Fat Girl and Seeing Me Naked that tap into vulnerabilities that make her books relatable.