Love with a “marked man”

9780062302373Jay Crownover has become a bestselling sensation with her “Marked Men” novels. The spicy stories veer into literotic as Crownover updates the classic romance by taking it into the young hip world of tattoo artists and indie rock bands. The first book in the series is called Rule after its hero. 

Rule is bad boy with an attitude and a look to match. He is tall, sexy, and covered in ink.  He lives with his best friend and fellow tattoo artist Nash. They are successful as artists and with women. For Rule, life is about work and women – and endless, nameless streams of them.  Ever since his twin brother, Remy was killed, Rule has been trying to deaden his pain with work, alcohol, and sex – except on Sunday. 

Shaw shows up every Sunday to drag him home to have brunch with his estranged family. Shaw is the one person he can’t say no to. She has been a member of the family ever since his brother Remy brought her home after school one day. Shaw is as good as Rule is bad. She is blond, petite, and sweet. She gets under his skin. He is the only man she has ever had eyes for but he only sees her as his brother’s girl. 

Crownover brings the classic bad boy-good girl love story into this decade with sharp, sexy writing, and an eye for the hippest subculture this side of Kat Von D. 

There are two more books in this series that are sure to delight romantic young women with an eye for dangerous young men with heart of gold. Clichéd? Yes, but also fun and very well done.